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Survival Knife question for the tribe

Wanted to pick the collective brain of the T-Blog Tribe with a quick questions.

I'm getting rolling on planning an ebook version of the Preparing on $40 a Week series--expanded entries, more detail, some budget friendly DIY projects and a other few additions. There are a few entries that I plan to revisit, and one of those is the entry on the $40 Survival Knife.

My recommendation was a Mora Bushcraft Triflex, which is an excellent knife in many ways. It's awesomely sharp, excellent slicer, whittler and carver, easily resharpened, with a comfortable grip and serviceable sheath. It does, admittedly lack some durability - the thinner blade steel and partial length tang mean that it won't stand up to some of the abuse that a more ruggedly built knife might. Don't get me wrong - it will stand up to some hard use, and Moras have long been a favorite among survival instructors because, well, they just plain work.

That all said, I wanted to take a look at some of the other solid knives in the $40 price range, to see if I can better hone in on an ideal choice given the budget. The Mora Bushcraft may win in the end, but another knife might, too.

I'm planning on picking up 3 knives for the showdown, currently they are:

I've had/messed with a Bushman in the past, and generally like it, aside from a quasi crappy sheath and a bit too large. I have zero experience with the other two, but both look quite promising. The Bushlore is probably the most similar comparison to the Mora, the other two veer into bigger/chopper turf, which is fine by me.

Am I missing an obvious candidate? Is there another knife that needs to be considered? Let me know!