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New "Prepper" Reality TV Casting

I've gotten a few e-mails from casting agents/production companies and so on, but this is my favorite one yet.

I am a Casting Director working on a development project for a major cable television network. This series is tentatively entitled "Are You Ready?" and it is a competition show in search of America's Top Prepper. The concept is prepper against prepper in a competition to outlast and excel in challenges featuring the most prepared among us. (Think Survivor but with a group of MacGyvers instead of ordinary people. This show is about extraordinarily prepared people, competing in extraordinary circumstances).  

The scenarios will range from pure survival (i.e. building a shelter and cooking a meal with scarce resources) to more constructed challenges like rescuing a family who has been stranded by rising flood waters. All scenarios will test the competitor's knowledge and readiness, but above all ingenuity and resourcefulness under pressure. The challenges will emphasize the mental not just the physical.  

Each episode, competitors will be given a set of survival-inspired scenarios to compete against one another for the title of "Ultimate Prepper." Preppers will be transported to an undisclosed location with little more than their Everyday Carry or Bug Out Bag. 

I am hoping to speak with interested candidates as soon as possible.

While this sounds crazy, it's apparently real...if anyone wants to connect with the casting agent let me know. I got a good laugh out of it, though.

Any takers?

I wonder if they've got an "Ultimate Prepper" championship belt that the winner gets to take home?


    Any chance it can be done while wearing a face mask?
    Sort of conflict of interest, dang.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Any serious prepper would not even consider going om such a show. SERIOUS violation of OPSEC!

    2. I don't think any serious prepper would be interested in a contest to be crowned "ultimate prepper", either.

    3. Depends on the reward. Might be worth it to talk to someone about it.

  2. Being ready or skilled at X doesn't make you a prepper, it just makes you skilled or ready. Drama words attract attention and spotlight seekers.

    It's about testing your skills and knowledge. So you can make a shelter, rescue people from a flood, make a meal out of twigs... how does this make you prepared for an economic collapse, nuke, emp, pandemic, etc.
    It doesn't, it just show people who are good at certain things and yet might not have 2 days worth of food at home.

    OPSEC is also a drama word, just saying.

  3. Brother Alex, tell them to bring their camera and large checkbook, we'll go on "vacation".
    One stipulation though; the director and camera crew MUST eat/sleep/survive on the same plane as myself........No RV's,Chefs and helicopters behind the scenes.......Randy

  4. Yeah, I was thinking, I'd love to watch that, but no way I'd want my face on national TV... maybe when I was younger I might have been interested, but these days I'm very much relying on my stockpiles and my permaculture plantings to get me through when TSHTF.