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Friday Funny Pics - No Offensive Content for the French

One thing I learned last week: We have some readers from France. Another thing I learned last week: they're a sensitive bunch! Maybe it's all that wine, labor unions, ample holidays and early retirement. Anyways, this week we'll lay off the Frenchmen. Promise.
Even record floods won't stop these guys from leveling up! Source.

Actually, this is only an afternoon's worth of TP for the local Taco Bell. Source.
Next big thing in tactical apparel: Brick-cam. Source.
Thanks to Recurve Boomstick and T.S. for this week's pictures!

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  1. Lets face it. When TSHF, you will want to be able to wipe it.

  2. I am happy that no French was offended in the making of this post lol

    On the subject of toilet paper SoutherPrepper one made a good point that having old phonebooks as part of your prep is important just in case some guests show up and you don't want to wast the good stuff.

  3. "No offensive.." lolll
    I wasn't offended, I wanted restore historical truth ! :))

    Now, you will have problem with alabaamo...
    Blog owner is a job. lol

    Best regards,

    1. Blog owner is a hard job

  4. Couldn't resist...

    France Terror Alert Level upgraded yesterday!

    AP and UPI reported that the French Government has raised it's terror alert level from "Run" to "Hide". The only two higher levels in France are "Surrender" and "Collaborate."

    No offense Zouave.

  5. lol
    french smile!!

  6. LMAO at the Filipino outsourcers in first pic. And you can never have too many rolls of toiliet paper. I have more of that and paper towels than most people lol