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Signature Apocalypse Weapons Update #7

Today is the LAST DAY to enter the contest. Get it in by midnight tonight or you're outta luck. Winners will be announced next Friday.

I have lots of great entries in the wings, so expect them to continue to hit through next week.

Remember, there are great prizes from Choate Machine & Tool, Vigilant Gear, Tom Bihn and Red Dirt Stock Works and us here at T-Blog are up for grabs! Check out their websites and give them your support for helping make this contest possible!

These entries are some of my favorite so far! Enjoy & happy Friday!

From Recurve Boomstick:

The weapons:
 -My boomstick, a Remington 870 with Mesa Tactical high tube stock, Enidine recoil buffer, Magpul MOE+ with core containing 2 CR123 batteries, and Magpul CTR; Mesa Tactical 6 shell side caddy and rail; Eotech XPS-2 with Magpul MBUS; Magpul MOE forend with MOE vertical grip and Safariland 2 shell shot caddy; Magpul MS3 sling
 - Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm with Surefire X300 light and Trijicon Night Sights
- Two Kabar Combat Khukris

My load is inspired by 3-gun. It is ergonomical and makes reloads, weapon draws, and weapon reholstering as efficient as possible. It is set up in layers, so on a day-to-day basis I can dress appropriately for the “weather”.

Layer 1- HSGI padded war belt:
 -3 Uncle Mike's Tactical 3-Gun Competition Shell Caddies (12 shells total)
-2 Safariland shell caddies (4 shells total)
 -4 pistol mag pouches (4 mags total)
-Safariland ALS pistol holster
 -custom kydex sheath for khukri (sheath set up for left handed standard grip or right handed reverse grip draw)

 Layer 2- Eagle Plate Carrier:
-5 OSOE shotgun pull out pouches (a whopping 60 shells)
 -custom kydex sheath for khukri
 That’s a total of 91 shells (a mix of 00 for close combat  and slugs for anything over 25 yards), 5 pistol magazines, and 2 knives.

Still not enough?

Layer 3- Blackhawk Bandolier, an additional 55 shells.

Compression long sleeve shirt, shemagh, Oakley Flak Jackets for eye protection, Mechanix gloves, cap (gooooo blue team!), cargo pants (with multitool and flashlight), and comfortable shoes round out my ensemble.

From EVZombie:

I can still remember spotting my first zombie, it was in the vacant lot across from my house. I watched it for a very long 40 minutes before it wander into my yard and close enough for me to dispatch it quietly, I could see a few more gathering off in the distance. That was 51 days ago. Fortune had smiled upon me and I found a well secluded food distribution warehouse that had not been raided, that was probably due to the high number of undead in the parking lot and yard and the wrecked semi-truck blocking the road a few miles back. The fences and gates are intact and just need to be secured, after that I can clear the place out and make it my own. I have decided to try and secure it at first light tomorrow giving me as much daylight as possible to get the job done, I will be taking the usual gear.

Kel Tec SU-16E with nine 30-round P-mags, carried with single point sling and fitted with a Tapco short vertical grip and Maglite XL50. Maverick 88 six-shot loaded with "00" 9-pellet riding in a scabbard on my back, with additional 44 rounds carried on vest and belt. Ruger P89D in a cross-draw holster with five 17- round MecGar magazines. 7"straight-edge Kabar fighting knife in kydex sheath mounted next to pistol holster. Gerber Bear Grylls parang machete worn on belt. And last a Leatherman sidekick in my pocket.

Protective Gear:
Steel pot helmet with a mounted red/white led headlamp. C3 Gas mask with extra filters and 60mm to 40mm adapter. Cross-draw tactical vest. Custom personal med kit mounted on the back of the belt. Leather bracers and gloves to protect my hands and forearms which is where about 80% of zombie bites occur. And finally Alta knee pads and steel-toe tactical boots.

I hope it’s enough...

From J.S.:

I'm an artistic soul, and realized recently that all my guns are simply stock. I wanted to create a rifle based on a literary character I enjoy. Those who have read Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" series might recall a skeletal rat who is essentially a sidekick of the grim reaper. Well, meet my custom Ruger 10/22, named "The Death of Rats". Rifles of this caliber offer some distinct advantages in a zombie apocalypse. They are relatively quiet, and the small size of the cartridge allows an individual to carry several hundred rounds without being over-incumbered. The round has the power to punch through the front of a zombie skull, but not out the back; the result: brain smoothies! Combine these features with the legendary reliability of the 10/22 platform and high capacity magazines, and I'll wager it against anything else you've got.

The gun itself is from 1991, with a wooden stock and new standard barrel. I painted it black, with a hand-painted rat skull on the butt. I sanded down the front, allowing for the installation of a UTG picatinny quad-rail, optic and folding bipod. As pure embellishments, I added a pewter rodent skull to the grip (originally intended as a drawer pull) and a black buffalo leather custom sling with biker-spikes. I have a tri-mag rig (not pictured) and (2) 25-round extended mags...for a total of 80 shots before reloading. Ideally, I would place myself in a relatively secure location and pick off zombies massing around my apartment. When supplies run low, my little Ratter could be useful in providing cover fire for ground-based team members, or for shifts on watch in a captured prison guard tower. Assuming I'll be looting for supplies at some point, I've included my multi-cam fatigues, folding esbit stove, naglene bottle with steel cup, and a shoulder bag to hold ammo and supplies. The little pouch on the top contains a basic medical kit, trauma pack and some powdered coffee and energy bars. As a defense against the living, I have a Glock 23, with three mags and hollow-point ammo. My AK-47 bayonet converts to wire-cutters, and can take down a chain-link fence. I'm missing a melee weapon, but would prefer to pick something up off the ground...this way, I'm not emotionally attached to something clunky and cumbersome. There you have it, my signature weapon and a light kit built around the concepts of fast movement and concealment...and bad-assery.