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Signature Apocalypse Weapons - Update #4

More new & excellent entries into our signature apocalypse weapons photo contest! Keep the entries coming! This is turning out to be my favorite contest yet!

Remember, there are great prizes from Choate Machine & Tool, Vigilant Gear, Tom Bihn and Red Dirt Stock Works and us here at T-Blog are up for grabs! Check out their websites and give them your support for helping make this contest possible!

Reminder: We're looking for your personal weapons of choice/combat loadout for the dark post-collapse future, not your entire arsenal!

From KR -

From NCPrepper10 -

For the looming economic collapse...

A Romanian WASR-10 AK-47 with an Eotech 512 Holographic sight. A Mossberg 500 with collapsable stock and pistol grip and fore-end grip. A Colt M4gery with Magpul rails and fore-end grip, Hogue grip, MAD lever, and Trijicon TA01NSN ACOG. A Bushmaster Rifle Length AR-15 with Grip-pod. And last but not least my S&W .40. "To live life in fear of losing it, is to lose the point of life." Keep your powder dry my fellow patriots.

From J.F. -

Well what I have for the one final day is all of my favorites in one place to start I have my back 12 gauge shotgun with scope shooting slugs for long head exploding shots my second shotgun hangs from my shoulder and shoots good old fashion 00 buck.For when the hordes get to big I have my m-11 sub to get me out of a tight spot, on my back I carry a tauris 40cal on my sides I carry a kimber 45 and a glock 9 mm, On both lower legs I strap my larger bowie knifes on my waste I strap my home made bush/zombie de header , and on my center back my old trusty sword prefer this style to others for heavy chopping and stabbing power it’s just what I like, and when all else fails I have one last thing to help me a good old ball peen hammer.


  1. KR, man I love your presentation, more than cool... I love it. Ncprepper, I like that weapon selection, some of myt favs. J.F. love your bike, thats what I call a zombie hunting machine and a compact collection of fire power to boot...

  2. I concur on KR's presentation, I really like it and if I place an entry I may rip it off lol. These three submissions are very good Iike them all, hopefully in the event of an actual apocalypse if I'm in your areas when tshtf we will recognize each other as friends not Dow by our chosen gear haha not likely though, shoot first ask questions never right lol. Nice choices guys

  3. Recurved BoomstickOctober 16, 2012

    +1 on KR's presentation. I was wondering if we could have multiple pics for different angles on a single file, I guess this answers it. KR's gear is nicely presented and easy to understand.

  4. Great Job Guys, Very Impressive!