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Signature Apocalypse Weaponry Contest - Winners Announcement!

It's time! The moment you've all undoubtedly been waiting for.

Great contest! Huge thanks to everyone who entered - there's no contest without your entries and support. We saw a huge array of apocalypse-ready load outs and a bunch of cool gear, and you guys and gals really stepped it up in the creativity department this time around.

Of course, there can be only one winner and one runner up, and it's time to find out who they are.

Runner-Up: Recurve Boomstick
Great composition, crystal clear photography, great gear, a sweet scatter gun, a zombie-geddon ready load of 12-gauge shells and dual khukris brought Recurve Boomstick's entry to the (almost) top!

He will be receiving a pocket survival kit, custom packed and built by me!

Grand Prize Winner: EVZombie
What can I say? The gas mask and WWI-era helmet are steampunk-ish zombie slaying greatness. Great gear overall. But most of all, EVZombie went the extra mile--his entry looks like its straight out of a zombie movie - and a cool one at that! Great work, great photo! Hope the zombie stand-in made it out alive.

EVZombie will be receiving a set of custom zombie-camo AR-15 furniture from Choate Machine & Tool, a first aid kit from Red Dirt Gun Shop & Stock Works, a Synapse backpack from Tom Bihn, an Urban E&E kit from Vigilant Gear (with Bogota Lock Picks, a SAR Eclipse Mirror and more!), and a pocket survival kit, custom designed by me!

Final reminder to give our sponsors your business and support! Thanks again go out to them for helping make this contest possible.

Thanks again to all who entered! If you want to check out the full winning entries, both are right here.

Winners, please shoot me an e-mail so we can coordinate shipping the prizes.