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More Signature Apocalypse Weapons!

More new & excellent entries into our signature apocalypse weapons photo contest! Keep the entries coming! We want to get as many as possible. Enjoy.

Remember, there are great prizes from Choate Machine & Tool, Vigilant Gear, Tom Bihn and Red Dirt Stock Works and us here at T-Blog are up for grabs! Check out their websites and give them your support for helping make this contest possible!

Entries after the jump!

From COBB:

Journal Entry #32… 

It’s been over 40 days since the collapse…  I think our decision to stay put and fortify our homestead was our best decision…Others nearby haven’t been so lucky. My wife and I have been well off with our supplies, and all those years planning and canning have paid off. I think she understands now why I pushed her so hard at the range and in the woods. It’s nice to have the help when trouble comes.

We just recently had to fight off a few marauders trying to sneak onto the property. They were well organized this time.  We used up a lot of ammo during the firefight so I wanted to make a quick assessment of our remaining supplies. We still have plenty of supplies stored in the house and in our scattered caches. But in case we have to leave I'll plan on these items……

Lewis Machine and Tool M-4  (5) Mags of .223
HSGI Body Armor
Springfield 1911-A1(4) Mags
KA-BAR with Last Ditch Survival Kit
RMJ Tomahawk
Smoke Grenades
Only (2) Moltov Cocktails Left

My Wife’s Remaining Gear
AK-47 with (4) mags 7.62x39
Dead –On Breaching Tool
Glock 23 with (4) Mags of .40 Cal

From M.P.

   This is my "Zombie Apocalypse Ass Kick'n Suit". I keep it ready at all times; as any day now the dead will rise up and try to eat all our brains out. I have a gas mask and boonie hat on my head to keep airborn zombie contaminants and zombie brain fluid out of my face. On my back I keep duel samurai swords for a silent method of sending the undead back to Hell. My main weapon is a Sig M400 5.56 with extra mags in my tactical vest. My back up weapons are a Glock 30, Glock 27, and a Sig Mosquito all with additional mags in the vest. For close quarters combat I have, on my belt, a large bowie knife as well as a Gerber machete for endless head chopping and other zombie butchery. On the inside pockets of the vest are a small first aid/ survival kit (not shown in photo) as well as 1 cyanide capsule; just in case I am infected.My knees are protected with AWP knee pads, cuz nothing would ruin an apocalypse like a scraped knee! On my feet are my trusty ass kick'n boots laced with 550 paracord. My camo should keep the walkers from seeing me and I plan on removing a zombie scent gland from my 1st kill and rubbing it all over my body so I will not be detected.  Lastly I have my copy of The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. And if all my weapons fail me, I am sure my years of cage fighting training and awsome ninja skills will see me through the hellish zombie filled future to come...

From MiCamp:

The picture I am submitting shows the exact weapons I would carry with me in the event I had to face zombies, TEOTWAWKI, or TSHTF. No matter the occasion, this is my gear of choice. I numbered everything for ease of identifiction more for me than you out there in the blogosphere (I am kind of dense) I have always been the kind of person that just goes for what works best munis the bells and whistles, I mean if a club will get the job done, wht try to improve on success right... anyway, here is a description of my go to weapons, garaunteed to get the job done first time and every time.

 1.My AK47, kind of a hybrid that I made using components from a couple different makes of rifle, including a Romanian, Bulgarian and Yugoslavian. After several hundred rounds at the range I feel more than confident that this battle rifle will take the crap and keep on spitting lead.

2.This is a 3 magazine pouch, loaded with three 30 round magazines for the AK, giving me a total of
4 30 round magazines when I need to get the work done. The nice thing about this old pouch is that it will ride at the waist on more than one kind of belt.

3.This has to be my most favorite firearm of all time, the Tokarev TCC, I mean wow I never leave home without it. The nice thing about the hefty 7.62x25mm round is that if a LEO happens to be a zombie and he/she is wearing body armor, this round will slice through it with no trouble at all. And I always carry 2 magazines, don’t want to come up short when I need it most.

4.These little babies are my first line melee weapons, 2 swords one a little shorter than the other. They are all steel with a wrapped handle and I keep them in a back slung sheath and razor sharp.

5.My next melee weapon is a 17 inch fighting knife. I pride myself on my knife fighting ability, I trained hard to be as competent with a knife as I am and would not have second thoughts about taking on anyone or anything with this baby in my hand. The blade has been drawn on, more of a distraction than anything else.

6.After getting everything ready to go, and strapped onto my body where ever it rides best, I throw on a chest mounted ammo harness with 240 rounds of 7.62x39mm. this is for the quiet times in my zombie hunting/defending moments, while I reflect on the days events I can reload my 4 magazines to the top and be ready for one more day of fun and games.

I have worn this exact set up on several occasions, and fine tuned where everything goes and how best to access all of it, after all, everything has a place and a place for everything. As a PS for everyone, snuggled down inside the last pouch in th eleft of the harness is my PSK and entry from a couple contests ago, never leave home without it!!!