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Hurricane Sandy Open Thread

Wanted to post up an open thread to get thoughts/comments/experiences from those in the likely path of Hurricane Sandy.

Experts are recommending preparing for an extended period without outside power, storm surges along the coast and several inches of rains--some area are even getting warnings about heavy snow.

I'm sure we've got some readers in the target areas for Sandy--Have you done anything extra to prepare? How concerned are you? What measures are others--government, neighbors--taking? What's the general mood?

Update: The storm is hitting the NJ/NYC area right now. Reporter in Manhattan saying it's looking like something out of a disaster movie. Face of an apartment building has fallen off. Lots of flooding. Intermittent power outages. Looks like Time Square is still lit up, though, and the rain has passed in many areas and people who didn't evacuate are out taking pictures and surveying the damage. Cell phones look they are working still.


  1. After following several prep blogs for over a year, I am ready for the storm without having to fight the crowds at the stores for water, food and batteries. The only thing I had to do today was the last of the laundry and put the car in the garage (full tank, of course!) The emergency lighting and hand cranked radio are sitting on the table and the old style phone is plugged into the jack. My thoughts and prayers will be with everyone in the storm's path. God bless.

  2. I learned my lesson with this one. I saw it first in Modern Survival blog and posted it last Monday on the motorcycle forum I belong to telling people to get some extra stuff stocked up in case. They all told me it was never going to hit, it was a long shot, you're a nutter, Etc. Joke's on them!

    Unfortunately, 40 people have already lost their lives to this storm, so it's no joke at all. I have a feeling that many left wingnuts will hold out thinking it's not that bad. They will rely on FEMA to save them. So sad that people haven't learned from Katrina that some times the gooberment cannot help or is way too slow getting there to be effective. I pray that the people will listen to reason and take heed in the hours ahead. It's all we can hope for.

  3. Best of luck to everyone over there. Don't forget, have some bug-out bags for all the family. If your house gets blown away, so will all your provisions etc unless you have a shelter/bunker.
    Regards, Keith.
    Cyclone survivor.

  4. Up here on the northern shores of Lake Ontario, we're not expecting the full force, but still the Canadian Red Cross has issued a statement urging us to make preparations. In essence, they've called for people to assemble a 72 hour kit.

    For my part, I was set for a water rotation come next weekend, so that's been moved up til today. Unless the beast changes course and heads straight towards us, our worst case is a prolonged power outage, so I wont be making any other efforts atm.