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Chris Costa & Operation Z

Trailer for Operation Z, a new training series featuring Chris Costa, 1/2 of the team behind the Magpul Dynamics videos and now owner/operator of Costa Ludus. Costa is renowned for his skills and epic beard, and is one of my personal favorites for weapons training.

Looks like he's finally putting his skills to use killing the undead. 'bout time. Pretty sweet...training + entertainment in one package.

Here's the blurb:

Operation Z is a comprehensive 12-part series and the ULTIMATE guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Learn from the best on the REAL way to be prepared for when the SHTF!

The release dates of Operation Z Volume 1: Introduction to Handguns and Operation Z Volume 2: Introduction to Rifles, Carbines, and Shotguns will be announced very soon.

Check back on this channel for future videos showing previews of the first 2 volumes and sneak peaks of future title releases.


  1. That is awesome, I really want that when it comes out.

  2. So... the first two disks are out now. Fun, pretty low on the teaching for anyone with ANY firearms experience... but if the "students" really do typify off the street Americans experience level... well, we all might want to practice teaching people the BASICs... because some of these people really don't know which end of the gun the bullet comes out of!

    Both disks, but particularly the second have a good part where some people go over BOBs and EDC bags. THAT was very interesting to me. Mr. Costa's 1-2 hour bag probably had a couple thousand worth of gear... he advocates top of the line stuff - but it's all quality and you can follow his guide even if you cant afford the specific items he has.

    For $10-15 per DVD I enjoyed them, but it's low priority purchase.