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Reader Note on Hurricane Isaac

Thought this was an interesting look at the mentality of some out there. Something that makes you shake your head for sure: From reader J.P., emphasis is mine.

"I live in Northern Louisiana (rain and a little wind from Isaac) and thought I would share a surprisingly sad and disturbing thing I found out while at my local Walmart. I was checking out in the sporting goods department because the combined Labor day/first of the month crowd had made lines up front way too long. While talking to an employee and getting my stuff I remarked on the crowd saying "you'd think the next hurricane was on the way." 

The employee told me how much crazier the unprepared crowd was (we were forecasted to get 60mph winds) and that some of those people who had bought packs of water and didn't need them were trying to return them to the store. I was shocked and made the statement that they would just do the same thing next time if they don't have supplies, the employee agreed. I know that I personally do not have as much prepped as some, however I fail to see the reason for returning emergency items that you needed instead on putting them in a closet in preparation for next time. After realizing how overly unprepared even mentally the locals are, I plan to step up my preparations. Just a quick wake up call I thought I would share."

Some people never learn - even in "Hurricane Alley."

Tells ya some of what you're dealing with out there. So broke that the $20 they'll get from returning a few cases of water will make some sort of difference. So clueless that they don't realize they might just need that water at some point, or that there are cheaper ways to put back water for a storm.