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Contest in October, Facebook Invitation & Revolution Pilot Online Now!

Tribe -

Random smattering of stuff for you today.

Contest Coming...
First up, we're planning another photo contest for October--last year's Zombie Weaponry contest was epic, and we're hoping we can top that big a large margin this time around. Exact nature is to be determined, so stand by on that one. I can guarantee it will be something fun.

We're going to be doing a weekly update post, versus a daily update as we've done in the past, to allow the rest of the blog content to continue along uninterrupted.

If you have prizes that you would like to donate to the cause, please drop me a line @ teotwawki.blog@gmail.com. You will receive mention during our weekly update.

Join Us On Facebook...
Have you "Liked" us on Facebook yet? If not, please do. I'd like to reach a critical mass where the T-Blog FB page can become a place for us like-minded folks to share what we're working on, help each other out and share knowledge. If you've got a question for the tribe, want some opinions or whatever, this is your place to go. Click here to get there.

We're also planning on a random giveaway for our Facebook friends once we hit 1000 Likes. You've gotta be one of the 1000 to be eligible, so get in on it.

Full Pilot Episode of JJ Abrams End-of-the-World Show Revolution after the Jump!