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Tip of the Week: Medical Videos

Here is a small collection of medical tutorials from the manufacturers of various IFAK kit components. They're gory, so you've been warned. Most of these have been on the blog in the past, but now they're in one place.

QuikClot Combat Gauze - pack into the wound. The same thing is done with normal gauze, too.

More videos after the jump.

Israeli bandage - versatile item. If you had packed a wound, you could then secure it and continue to apply pressure via an Israeli.

How to on the TK-4 tourniquet.

How to pack a wound (same technique w/ Combat Gauze or regular gauze).

The least annoying NPA insertion video I could find on YouTube.

A sealed sucking chest wound.


  1. Ok guys reality check, post SHTF, where you gonna get a surgen to fix that? The drugs to treat it? Pre -op, post-op,& skilled nursing care? Just gonna bite a bullet and cut off the limb with a wood saw? My wife has been a nurse(MSN)26 years and next spring gets her NP rateing, and you'd scare her shitless asking her to treat a gunshot / trumatic wound without modern meds or Docs. Fact is without a surgen about 90% of victems who need Qwick clot are gonna' die. Gas Gangreen is a bitch boys and girls, and without skilled care within 24-48hrs the'll be septic, 20hrs past that you cut off the leg.Wound care STARTS when you stop the blood loss. It ENDs when the wound HEALS.

    1. Agree - but consider:

      a) There are varying degrees of bad situations before complete zombie-geddon, no more doctors. Anyone who owns firearms should at least have an IFAK and the knowledge of how to use it.

      Going unprepared because there MAY not be a doctor available is just plain foolish.

      b) Even if there's unlikely to be a doctor around, at least you can do SOMETHING for someone injured(potentially YOU). It might be for naught, but you don't know.

  2. Yep, But heres my point, (1) qwick clot KILLS the flesh, that means that WITHIN 12 hrs. you MUST get to a surgon. Or YOU WILL go septic. (2) Airways need a tool called a CANNULA to insert them, they are USELESS without it. (3) "Doing something" with the wrong tools and little traning shows a good heart. (4) IFAK is a combat tool for use by a trained combat medic. (5) YOU CANNOT learn to place an airway from U-TUBE.(6) You CANNOT learn to pack a wound from U-TUBE.(7) If you want to help GOD bless you; NOW GO TO SCHOOL!!!!'Cause if you try this on yourself, or anyone else without a LOT of training You'r gonna kill somebody. HINT. Start with a red cross first aid class. You'll be amazed at how much they teach you.(Its cheap too) (8) It not "do nothing" its "do the RIGHT thing" (9) Airways,Qwick clot and Turniqets are DANGEROUS, they can, if not used by TRAINED personel be deadly,doing far more harm than good.-----Doc

    1. Doc -

      Please do some research on the current TCCC program and perspective around tourniquets, QuikClot, etc.

      An IFAK is carried by every soldier in a combat zone (not just medics), and all are trained in use of the contents. The TCCC course taught to soldiers is 2-days long, if I remember right--that's it.

      YouTube videos are of course not a substitute for such a course, but they are a good introduction before someone can receive formal training.

      The tools we discussing are not the wrong tools - they are what the military is currently using (save the TK-4, which I think only get limited use. CATs and SWAT-Ts are favored as I've mentioned).

      Personally, I'd much rather have my life extended by a few hours with a packed wound, tourniquet, etc. while help is sought than bleed out and die on the floor.

    2. I agree with your statements 100%, especially about the use of quick clot. I would venture to say that if there were an teotwawki event, a lot of people are going to die because of quick clot alone. personally after researching the product, I did not purchase any for my kit, sounds too dangerous because I got news for you, you are not going to a hospital for surgery or aid after an end world event, so why use something that will make matters worse. I took CPR and a first aid course, learned how to stitch wounds from a nurse and I am done... The only other thing I have been printing manuals for is emergency/backwoods dentistry techniques. I don;t want someone with a tiny bit of knowledge working on me and doing things they really never did before.

    3. Man, I didn't realize there was this level of hysteria around QuikClot. It's standard issue stuff in the IFAKs of thousands of soldiers and has gotten the thumbs up from a vast number of medical professionals. Heck, they sell the stuff in Cabelas and Bass Pro.

      Combat Gauze should only be used in cases of life threatening bleeding. Literally a case of if you don't pack this wound and apply pressure, the victim (could be you!) is going to bleed to death. Same goes for packing a wound with gauze. If Combat Gauze scares you for some reason, just pack some compressed gauze, kerilix, etc.

      I would not assume that doctors, surgeons, vets, etc. are not going to be available, because you have zero clue what your SHTF situation is going to look like. The world will not spontaneously descend into a Mad Max apocalyptic wasteland and all medical experts vanish. Could be some crack head breaks into your house and shoots your wife. She's going to bleed out before the paramedics get there. Can you do anything to help?

      No one is going to die from QuikClot - they would die from the wound that QuikClot is being applied to.

      Yes, if it's left in too long it can cause problems, but that's the same way with anything (normal gauze, etc.). If you've gotten to that point, you've extended life by HOURS.

      Your point is basically to let someone (friend, family member, you) bleed out and die rather than try to do something via QuikClot, gauze or probably a tourniquet. If you are in a situation where you are confident there is ZERO chance of expert help and you're only prolonging suffering, then I could potentially agree.

      BUT, for everything else in between, you owe it to yourself to be trained and prepared to act.

    4. I have to speak here. I know I will have two children with me if the SHTF any time in the next few years. That said, I have an extensive med pack w/manuals, I am not a doctor or nurse, but before I let one of my kids die because I am not a doctor, I will try to save them, this would be a situation where doing nothing is going to kill them also so you have nothing to lose at that point. There is going to be a lot of that also post SHTF, no doctors or hospitals and those that do not have a good med pack wont last long. I would rather someone try and save me, even simple surgery than let me die. people can prepare themselves for emergencies, even medical emergencies. I love the videos, it is a great reference. post the end of the world, My child get appendicitis? what am I to do, hope it goes away?? not, I would try and remove it myself the best that I could as sterile as I could, same with wounds, I flat refuse to sit by and watch one of mine die while I sit on my hands because I do not have a hospital. The only thing I have been discouraged about is the lack of a way to render someone unconscious, no anesthesia. there just is no way to do that in that situation,,, that scares me, not actually trying to save one from dying.

  3. Doc clearly is not a doc.

    Me and some doctors are reading this laughing at that guy.

  4. Gee, I wonder how all of those people in Africa that get shot/stabbed/de-limbed , survive based on "docs" advice? Haha. They don't even have clotting agents, they may lose their limb but other than that, they don't turn septic and die. Hmm.

  5. First of all, after reading the argument over Quick Clot I have a few comments that could possibly point us all in the right direction.
    Back in my Army days (before Quick Clot was invented), the first step in buddy aid was a simple pressure bandage, feeble at best. Last resort was a tournequet. Higher levels of medical treatment were required then....just as today even with Quick Clot. The goal then, as is on todays battlefield was one thing: sustain life until that person can be evac'd to an aid station.
    Now, from what I know, in the period of time we are discussing one thing matters most: Time.
    Should a buddy waste time and spewing blood trying to decide whether Quick Clotting is the best choice? Indeciciveness will get you every time. Making "a decision", whether right or wrong is the best decision, provided it is an educated one. If I were badly wounded I damn sure wouldnt want someone hem-hawing around with this argument.
    Stabilize me and get me outta here, figure out the rest later.