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A little bit of a creative collaboration between me and neo-tribal blacksmith/sharp thing maker, Randy Church. I've wanted a Church & Son chopper of my own since I came across his work, and especially after the generous sponsorship of our TEOTWAWKI blade contest, so this one has been a while in the making.

I gave Brother Randy a few ideas for potential blades, and we settled on a trench-style knife with knuckle guard. Mean, stabby and viking-ish. Emails and pictures of various historical examples were exchanged--at some point, the project was christened Skullcracker. Randy underwent shoulder surgery and recuperation, and, after healing up, took this beast of a knife on as one of his first post-surgery projects. Not exactly an easy transition back into things--the knuckle guard was apparently hellacious to forge.

The sharp bit is an old planner blade hammer forged and salt water quenched--8" of blade, partially sharpened swedge. Knuckle guard is from a mower blade. Handle is a bit of wormy maple, struck by lighting and endowed by the Gods with magical powers (ok--but lightning part is true). Overall, 13" of meanness.

Skullcracker is on its way here right now...I'm chomping at the bit...and you'll see more in the near future.

A great pleasure & honor to work with Randy on this project. Really thrilled with how it turned out.

More of Randy's great pics after the jump. Visit his website here.


  1. Bet that thing could kill some Germans.

  2. The Germans are our friends now... Somebody has got to prop up the euro zone. Zombified Nazis on the other hand...

  3. Oooo! Me likey envy and want!


    Randy, you make knives like a girl.

    A really big, hairy and mean girl who doesn't take any lip.

    Your blades are a testament to your creativity and ingenuity. Keep forging, keep that art flowing!