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Open Thread: What have you been up to?

Open thread for the weekend. What have you been working on? Acquisitions, skills, research? Anything keeping you up at night or pushing you to prep fast? What goals are you working towards. Share with the tribe in the comments section.

It's been a busy week for me, starting up a big new job. That's been keeping me pretty busy.

I did have time to get our bug out bags re-organized and restocked with some food. Have a short list of items to add this weekend. Played around with some new configurations of gear that actually ended up working pretty well...but, fact is, I need a bigger bag.

Also got in a KYWI pistol magazine pouch. Miles better than any nylon mag pouch I've tried--yes, even better than the HSGI pouches. Very consistent, which speeds up tactical reloads dramatically. I'll try to get up some pictures and a more complete review early next week.

TEOTWAWKI Wife has been reading up/watching YouTube videos on gardening...we now have a yard, favorable weather and inherited a garden at our new place. We've been eating fresh tomatoes daily--yum.

What about you guys and gals?