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Open Thread: Pack Choice

The Hill People Gear guys have got me looking at upgrading my "outdoors" pack--currently a ~2800ci REI pack in decent shape. This is the bag that I use for camping, backpacking and is kept mostly loaded for bug out purposes. I've run a bit short on space - with food, water, some minimal extra clothing, shelter system/sleep gear and of course tools, I just can't really fit everything that I'm looking to. So, I'm window shopping for an upgrade at the moment.

What packs are you guys using?

A bit more about what I'm looking at: I'm looking at a variety of different setups, and getting led towards the high end set ups from Kifaru, Mystery Ranch, or using the new HPG Highlander, compression panel and another company's frame. I like the modularity of a compression panel type design -  you can cinch it down for a day hike, or expand it out for all kinds of loads - pack bags, jerry cans, children, etc.

The Mystery Ranch Crewcab looks good, but I've heard mixed reviews on their NICE frame, and it's crazy spendy. Kifaru is even more spendy, and I'm not a fan of a 6-8 week wait time and MOLLE insanity.

At this point, I'm willing to spend in the neighborhood of $400 for a nice pack set up that will last me a long time and do a variety of things. Leaning towards picking up a Kifaru frame and then going with HPG for the Highlander, compression panel and pack bag. You can see what that set up looks like (or close to it - I think that's a prototype of the pack bag) at the HPG website.