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Haley Strategic Announces New Thorntail Light Mounts

Travis Haley, formerly of Magpul Dynamics, and all around gun handling guru, has been working up a improved, innovative components for the M4/AR-15 weapons system for a while now. Haley Strategic's Thorntail light mounts place the weapons light further forward than typical light mounts, providing for more ergonomic weapons handling and easy access to the light's control.

 I've been oogling these, and now they've got one that'll work with my big ol' Surefire M951...tempting...


  1. Ive been going through a lot of your past blog posts on different equipment you've attached to your ar style rifle. Having just bought my much anticipated m4, I was wondering if you could give a quick run down on said attached equipment that you have our recommend. Believe it our not, but you advice is valued.

    1. Ya, I had a run down in the works for the week the Colorado shootings happened. Seemed in poor taste at the time. I will put it back on the schedule.

  2. Completely understandable. By the way, would like to thank you for running a very informative and educational blog. It is appreciated.