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Contest Recap & Open Thread

It's been a great contest. Huge thanks goes out to all those who shared their kits. I've gone through my inbox several times, but if you sent in an entry prior to the April 30th 11:59pm deadline, and I HAVEN'T posted it, let me know.

I also wanted to extend another big thanks to those who sponsored the contest. Randy Church for the inspiration and neo-tribal altoid kit. SnakeDr666 and OscarDelta, Choate Machine & Tool, Jade Garn, Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy, and Paladin Press for offering up some really great prizes.

We saw a lot of interesting things over the past month. A lot of altoid tins, and a surprising number of Trojans. For lighting, we saw a lot of a particular model of flat LED light, loose LEDs and one kit with built in mood lighting. There were of course weapons, with knives a plenty, a handgun, slingshot and arrow heads. For food, we've seen plenty of micro fishing kits, and also gum sticks, beef sticks and candy (pink Starbursts forever!). Fire starting gear, flash drives and a door alarm, too. Suffice it to say, there's been an impressive breadth of kit to look at!

I wanted to open things up to your thoughts, reactions and learnings from the contest. Share 'em in the comments section, and stay tuned for the big announcement sometime on Monday.