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Pocket Survival Kit Entry #17

The way I assembly this little piece of equipment is simply to have a backup for my main survival /camping kit, with some items that I consider essential/complementary. It could act as an emergency kit on its own, in fact.
Here´s the list of the contents. From left to right top to bottom:
First aid items:
2 large band aids
1 pack of “sulfatiazol” powder. It applies to the wound and act as a disinfectant and fast wound closure
2 paracetamol pills
Click below for complete contents and more pictures

Fishing / Fire items
1 little fishing line roll (7 meters)
1 firesteel bar
6 assorted size fishing hooks
2 fishing weights
1 fatwood stick

Hunting/Snare/Shelter/General Purposes
1 meter paracord line
1 leather pouch/theraband rubberbands for improvise in-situ a powerful slingshot. After the blade, I consider this is an excellent option for a survival low tech weapon
1 high carbon blade w/ paracord handle
I managed to make a rubber/duct tape (mossy oak camo) sheath in the back of the Altoid tin, it is sturdy and light enough. That little blade was made by a local blacksmith friend of mine. Easy to draw and although it stands out from the tin container it´s not annoying to carry, as it could seem.

Food items
2 smoked beef jerky sticks
1 wringley´s bubblegum
1 rubberband (for pack the slingshot rubbers)
1 Origami tinfoil cup (holds easily 500 ml.)
As you can see, in the rest of the photos, this fits not only in a front shirt pocket, but also in a side/arm pocket, Well I think this is it, good luck to all!!!

Interested in entering the Pocket Survival Kit contest? Check out the details.
First prize will receive a neo-tribal forged survival kit from Randy Church, an AR-15 Essential Parts Kit and Car Rescue Tool from Choate Machine & Tool, $50 in credit from Shelf Reliance consultant Jade Garn, a bundle of survival gear from OscarDelta & SnakeDr666, a copy of the Doom & Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook, and a $25 certificate from Paladin Press.  
Second prize will receive an AR-15 Essential Parts Kit and Car Rescue Tool from Choate, a bundle of survival gear from OscarDelta & SnakeDr666, as well as at least $30 worth of survival books & gear from TEOTWAWKI Blog.   

Third Prize will receive a Choate Car Rescue Tool and at least $20 worth of survival books & gear from TEOTWAWKI Blog.


  1. Great looking kit. I especially like the idea of putting the slingshot materials in there. Also, the knife looks like a mighty fine knife for the intended purpose.

    1. Thanks Anonymous! I appreciate your comment. Yes! I have been a slingshot enthusiast for a long time now and since a couple of years I hang around with some fine artisans in this matter. The rubber bands provide an excellent amount of power for easily acquire the protein of the day (small game) and the little knife is, for the complete MacGyver experience, a fine add to this kit, old school forged. Well, thanks again and see you around!