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Pocket Survival Kit Contest Entry #27

Note: Today is the last day to enter! We will accept new entries until midnight PST tonight, and then its closed up. We'll be posting up PSKs for the next several days in order to get all the entries live n' kicking. I'm anticipating announcing the big winner sometime next week. It's going to be tough to pick just one to take the grand prize package. For more details about entering the contest, click here.

From commenter RomeroNJuliet:

When I decided to enter this contest, I wanted to forget everything I'd ever read about pocket survival kits. I decided to build one from scratch, which could be assembled from materials I had on hand and would be useful in a scenario which might actually come to pass. No pocket fishing kits, no deep woods survival for me. I live in a Texas suburb and work, full time, in security. I carry concealed and keep preps, such as water and first aid, in my car. When I'm not working, I'm generally at home, where I have water, food and other preps to bug-in.

Scenario: While at work, some disaster happens. Perhaps it's a terrorist attack, or a tragic accident. In any case, the immediate danger has passed but people are frightened and the air is awash in sirens. I find myself separated from my car, with no option to retrieve my preps. My only assets are what I've got in my pockets. If uninjured, my best option is to get home by any means necessary.

To survive this scenario, I created my GHT or "Get Home Tin". The items assembled here are meant to compliment my EDC items (in the second picture). The tin contains 5 blister bandages, in the case that I'm forced to walk several miles in my work shoes. I also tossed in some antibiotic ointment and antacid tablets. There is about 8 inches of duct tape, which is always useful. Also a couple large zip-ties. The condom could but used as a water container, if I was to come upon a random spigot or sink at a gas station. I also put in $100 in cash and one ounce of silver. Living just outside the city, I expect that some businesses and taxi's will be operating during the immediate aftermath of the event. The more time that goes by, however, the fewer options I may have to make it home, as the entire area may be placed under martial law or classified as a disaster area.

My main goal is getting home and bolting that door. To that end, the cash and silver could be useful to pay or bribe my way home (how many people know the spot price of silver on a given day?). In that same line of logic, three extra HP rounds for my Glock 27 (not pictured) might make the difference between getting home and never making it there. I ALWAYS carry my car keys, with an inova microlight and about 3 feet of paracord attached. Also, I carry a handy CRKT M16-1040Z folding pocket knife. While these items don't fit inside the tin, they are always with me, and complement the GHT concept. So, there you go.