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Delicious Waffles...THRIVE 6 Grain Pancake Mix

Quick break from the PSK contest to give a thumbs up for the 6 Grain Pancake Mix from THRIVE foods. My wife and son love pancakes, so we bought this mix for them--it's simple, add water and you're ready to go. I noticed a recipe for waffles--more my style--and yesterday was my night for cooking, so I cracked open a #10 can and made some up. I went in with low expectations--the usual "it's food storage, how good can it be?"--and was literally blown away with how good the waffles were. Crisp, great flavor...really amazing. Family gobbled 'em down, loved 'em and amazed that they came from a food storage mix. My 3-year old, incredibly picky son had 2, without syrup!

Here's what they looked like, with a bit o' homemade syrup, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Pretty darn good.

I did have to play with the recipe a bit - added an extra 3/4 cup of the mix; the can recipe was too runny. You'll need to keep your waffle iron well oiled, too - they were a bit sticky.

Anyways, we were blown away by this stuff - really good. Next time, I think we're going to do bananas and pecans...should be delicious. We'll be adding a case or two to the pantry soon...

Check out the 6 Grain Pancake Mix from THRIVE >


  1. Looks good--I'll have to check it out!

  2. I have this mix every Sunday morning, it's really good. Just like you, I play with the mixture each time and if you make a batch by the can directions, it's a ton of food for 2 people.
    I think I have a dozen #10 cans of this.

  3. My wife spoils me and throws a handful of chocolate chips on top of the waffle before she closes the lid. (We're using the 'Fair & Scone Mix' from Costco...but they are FANTASTIC.)

  4. We like them, but I happened to open a new can today that had some sort of issue where the O2 absorber reacted with something in it: bulging can, huge air hiss when I broke the seal. Smelled like sour milk:(
    Called them & they're sending out replacement cans, and mentioned that's why they reformulated to the new 10-grain mix. (missing cake flour and buttermilk)