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Doomsday Preppers Open Thread

Checked my local listings and this week should have a new run episode, featuring a family preparing to survive a pandemic in a cave. Should be fun.

Here's your place to comment and discuss the episode! I'll update this post after I get a chance to view it.

Ark 2 Family: I remember seeing this complex around Y2K--40+ school buses, buried and converted to a bomb shelter. Pretty big underground complex, lots of work and planning. The shelter looked to be aging and in need of some maintenance. Good on the old guy for following his dreams, hope the family keeps up with it. Interesting, they did not have the practical prepper assessment, and acknowledged the threat of nuclear war in the "odds" segment.

Deuce and a Half Family:  I'm not concerned with peak oil personally...rising oil costs, yes, but the world suddenly running out of oil, no. But to each his own. He's stockpiling fish antibiotics (maybe he reads T-Blog?), though it didn't look like he found any at the pet shop. You know, 2 1/2 Ton "Beast" doesn't stick out at all in their driveway. Nope, definitely not a survivalist's bug out vehicle! Glad it's multifuel. Didn't know they could run on used oil...that's pretty cool, actually. They did have the practical prepper assessment. They're definitely getting more prepper-leaning in the "Odds" section--pointed out that the U.S. strategic reserve would only last for a month.

Doctor Doom: A lot of people who study influenza and epidemics are constantly concerned about the threat...and it really is a ticking time bomb. Dr. Doom can prescribe his own medications, a definite advantage. His wife isn't exactly on board with his preps...really not on board, even though she escaped from a Cambodian death camp when younger. They install a bullet proof glass sliding door and then have some good ol' family fun throwing stuff at it. Then it's a very reluctant family trip to their bug out cave. It's a gem mine...probably a mining lease... and very primitive. Apparently the wife is survived the death camp by hiding in a cave for two months and is having flashbacks...not on board with the cave, either. In the follow-up, Dr. Doom says he was car jacked at gun point. No shootout, no injury and the bad guys are behind bars. Yikes!

Overall, pretty good episode. It seems like they have definitely made some adjustments to the show to make it more prepper-friendly.


  1. Hell yeah sign me up for 3500 dollar duece n half! Wife even thought it was kick ass!

    Omg last wife is beyond words! You think shed prep for her daughter having gone through such a nightmare. Oh n i guess san diego isnt earthquake country anymore!

  2. I is suprising that Mrs. Doom is not on board with all she has gone through.

  3. I agree that this episode was a little better. The Ark 2 family shows people have been concerned with so-called doomsday senerios for decades and that the 40+ buried buses was an interesting concept. The shelter did look like it needed a good upgrade and cleaning. Was kind of concerned with the "leave your children with me and you adults go away" mentality, seemed almost cultish since this place was able to hold several hundred people. With that mentality, there might be a good chance of being over run by armed adults willing to do anything for food, shelter, tradable goods. Don't want to sound doom & gloom, but if childern are the future, they will be worth something to someone and you have a 10,000 sq. ft. shelter full of them...just saying the end of the world won't be pretty.

    Drove several Dueces in my time in service and love them. Used any cumbustable fuel source, and love the Comm. box converted to mobile shelter. Hard to find them for $3500.00 these days in that condition but $7500 is still a great price for a military fleet maintained or rebuilt with usually several thousand miles and maybe several thousand hours of use. Maybe too big for some preppers so a used M1009 (Chevy K5 style full sized Blazer) is a good 4x4 alternative and priced around $4000. Smaller sized and if painted a flat color, won't stand out in your suburban neighborhood like a oversized 2 1/2 ton military truck. Decent stock pile of supplies and has 100% support from his wife which I can't say for Dr. Doom. Hot tub water supply was a great idea, I don't have a hot tub but I do have two "Water Bobs" for my bathtubs which holds 100gal. each and comes with a pump tube. Great items to have living in Hurricane country.

    Dr. Doom needs to analyze his methods of getting his family involved into prepping. His wife, who was the only surviving family member of the Khmer Rouge massacring over 2 million people, and the things she must have done, seen, felt, and survived while running and hiding from the Rouge are unspeakable. So to get a cold, damp, dark, uncomfortable cave, as a last ditch shelter, would surely bring back some bad memories. The securing of the home was nice, I need that glass on my house for hurricane season.

    The idea of fish antibiotics has been known throughout the survivalist community, so it must be nice for Dr. Doom to be able to load up on Penicillin, Amoxicillin, Fluenza, H1N1, Epinephrine, etc...but as for the rest of us, we'll be doing what the other family does. I've purchased some Fish-Biotics that even says Amoxicillin and Penicillin on the bottles from my local family pet store (since the chains like Petsmart doesn't stock them) containing 12 pills @ $13.00 in 250mg doses. Seemed a little high priced but the owner asked me why I would need more so I told him the use for these items and he stated he can get them in larger quantities for a cheaper price. I've checked online and found cheaper prices but I've never used them. I have used the ones I've bought from my pet store with no issues, so I'll pay a little more to be sure of what I'm getting. First aid and sanitation is very important in a SHTF scenerio, so stock up before everyone realizes what's up and they drive the prices up or ban them from OTC sales.

    The assessments were generic like usual, but not so fast to make the people look like wackos, so to that NatGeo must be listening to it fans.


  4. Going through horrible things can wake you up and make you wiser about the world or it can traumatize you so badly that you don't want to think of such things ever again. Sounds like Mrs. Dr. Doom made it to the States, found a comfortable life, and never wants to imagine that things could ever be bad again. This will be Dr. Doom's biggest hurdle to prepping--in even a minor disaster his wife could go full on panic attack. Someone in that sort of state of mind can't be reasoned with and will sap a lot of the emotional strength of the group. Not only that but she won't be very helpful with survival related chores.

    The best solution is to find an approach to prepping that won't trigger some of the traumatic events she's been through. We talk a lot about prepping as a physical thing--guns, gear, even physical skills like tying knots or building fire--but before all that can happen prepping happens on a mental and emotional level. Many people will be utterly useless in a survival situation not for physical but emotional/mental reasons. It happens in survival situations all the time. People get hopeless, depressed, panic, etc. Having self-confidence, optimism, a happy outlook on life, and a "grip" on things is much more important than any other survival skill or tool. Clearly the wife needs to do some mental/emotional healing before she'll be an effective prepper. Living in a cave is about the dumbest thing Dr. Doom could ever suggest to his wife and a horrible prepping strategy.

  5. I have been in retail for almost 30 years. I own a pet nutrition store. What trade do you suggest to start learning for a woman if my business goes belly up. If people can't afford good food any more! I,m willing to learn most anything including male oriented jobs. What type of thing will we need? Suggestions?

    1. WOLVERINES!!!March 28, 2012

      I'd say Any kind of trade skill or medical skills. Once you learn them, you can take them anywhere and make a living. In a SHTF situation, these skills will be in big demand. Think artisans 100-200 years ago.

    2. what about traveling small engine repair. I know elderly and women cant move generators or engines into their cars. Traveling might work. Other suggestions welcome. Thank you

  6. So. Dr. Doom screwed his window armor on from the outside. Uhhmm, doesn't that defeat the purpose of it if all the roam hoards have to do is unscrew it while your on the inside watching?

    1. WOLVERINES!!!March 30, 2012

      LMAO....Very observant of you!

  7. it's not that oil will run out, it's that the amount of energy required for extraction reaches the amount of energy extracted.



  8. I think the PP didn't review the Ark 2 family because there were no suggestions they could make. Instead of Ark 2 I'd have called it Neverland 2 since they wanted to take in as many kids as possible.

    Hopefully they start to show some realistic preppers. The south is in the middle of tornado season again. Where are those preppers? Does the show have to have people that are prepping for crazy shit all the time? The NYC Firefighter COULD have been preparing for another possible terror attack or even civil unrest, but he's prepping for a Yellowstone eruption? Seriously?

  9. I bought some EMP protection faraday containers on Ebay last week.
    I feel so much better now that all of my electronics are now protected.
    I have been watching the Sun weather reports.

    Magnetic fields curling over the sun's northeastern limb rose up and erupted, producing one of the most visually-spectacular explosions in years. The event, which also produced an M1.7-class solar flare and a coronal mass ejection, was not Earth-directed. Nevertheless, it confirms suspicions that a significant active region is rotating onto the Earth-side of the sun.

    This year protect your electronics!!!!!

  10. I love this show. It is so funny how the go all "opsec I can't let you see anything more than this", when they give you enough information to find them. The best one was the "Survival Condo" guy. With in 45 min ou can track the shelter down and get some good maps and photos.

    I would think that it would be much better if they could tone down the rather radical way that they portray the preppers.

  11. AnonymousMay 27, 2012

    I'm a Police officer in a small town in Oklahoma. I started Prepping about a year ago. A word to all who think the Police will be there to protect you when SHTF, We will be at home protecting our own family's . Don't count on anyone to protect you but yourself. Question: Any other Okie preppers here?

  12. AnonymousMay 27, 2012

    Dr. Doom's wife is most likely the only one that would survive any of these doomsday crap. Mr. Mobster would be stuck in traffic or ditch cars before getting out of town. I dont care what you drive 100's of cars? You ain't plowing full. Creepy ass kiddy bus man is blowing in unfiltered air? Genius. And where was all his food stock to feed 500 people? Sure it all expired 30 years ago.