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Doomsday Preppers Open Thread

Checked my local listings and this week should have a new run episode, featuring a family preparing to survive a pandemic in a cave. Should be fun.

Here's your place to comment and discuss the episode! I'll update this post after I get a chance to view it.

Ark 2 Family: I remember seeing this complex around Y2K--40+ school buses, buried and converted to a bomb shelter. Pretty big underground complex, lots of work and planning. The shelter looked to be aging and in need of some maintenance. Good on the old guy for following his dreams, hope the family keeps up with it. Interesting, they did not have the practical prepper assessment, and acknowledged the threat of nuclear war in the "odds" segment.

Deuce and a Half Family:  I'm not concerned with peak oil personally...rising oil costs, yes, but the world suddenly running out of oil, no. But to each his own. He's stockpiling fish antibiotics (maybe he reads T-Blog?), though it didn't look like he found any at the pet shop. You know, 2 1/2 Ton "Beast" doesn't stick out at all in their driveway. Nope, definitely not a survivalist's bug out vehicle! Glad it's multifuel. Didn't know they could run on used oil...that's pretty cool, actually. They did have the practical prepper assessment. They're definitely getting more prepper-leaning in the "Odds" section--pointed out that the U.S. strategic reserve would only last for a month.

Doctor Doom: A lot of people who study influenza and epidemics are constantly concerned about the threat...and it really is a ticking time bomb. Dr. Doom can prescribe his own medications, a definite advantage. His wife isn't exactly on board with his preps...really not on board, even though she escaped from a Cambodian death camp when younger. They install a bullet proof glass sliding door and then have some good ol' family fun throwing stuff at it. Then it's a very reluctant family trip to their bug out cave. It's a gem mine...probably a mining lease... and very primitive. Apparently the wife is survived the death camp by hiding in a cave for two months and is having flashbacks...not on board with the cave, either. In the follow-up, Dr. Doom says he was car jacked at gun point. No shootout, no injury and the bad guys are behind bars. Yikes!

Overall, pretty good episode. It seems like they have definitely made some adjustments to the show to make it more prepper-friendly.