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Doomsday Preppers Open Thread

Your place to discuss tonight's episode, Nine Meals Away from Anarchy.

I think this is the last new episode of Doomsday Preppers that they have lined up, so we may or may not see any more in the future. While the show has had some good prepper profiles, most venture too far out into cable-TV fringe zone. The producer's insistence that preppers choose one random apocalypse scenario further hurts credibility and the preppers end up coming across as mostly harmless loons.

UPDATE: I've been informed that there are 4 more episodes left. The NatGeo website just wasn't updated. A preview for next week looks like they've found some crazy hippy bomb shelter group, which should at least be amusing!

Anyways, discuss the episode tonight and your thoughts/feelings about Doomsday Preppers so far!


I liked the episode more than the past several - I thought the first and last families were quite good--normal families with some great preps and generally well thought through plans. I hadn't seen the compressed paper/leaf fuel bricks before. If they've still got some German Shepherd pups available, sign me up. I want one of those bomb shelters--and I thought it was interesting that 49% of Americans would prefer a bomb shelter to high end appliances.

I thought some of you would enjoy the expert assessment that complete economic collapse could not be ruled out -- put a smile on my face!
 If NatGeo is trying to appeal to the prepper audience, these are generally the kind of people and profiles we enjoy.

The second guy was the kind of profile that we've been complaining about--seemingly loony guy preparing for some fantasy disaster event (Fukishima, really?). Some of his commentary was kind of funny, though I'm not sure if it was intentional or not. Not sure what to make of the apparent drug deal gone bad shootout.

Note: If anyone wants to appear on the next season of Doomsday Preppers, drop me a line and I can put you in contact with the right people.


  1. The seed prepper from tonights episode has a pot plant growing in his garden!!!!! Great idea of a seed bank. I have some caches myself, but don't have the wacky seeds...

  2. The second prepper Shane is a nut job. His seed bank is a great Idea, protecting his seed from radiation was weak, Bug out plan was weak also the only positive thing I can say about his plan is at least his primary defense was not a friggin Tomahawk.

    The first family was right on including going to go rescue his son. I like the idea of of his bugging in is much like mine but where I have him beat is I am hispanic and have lots of family around me who are preppers also. Kudos to family # 1.

    Ray Ray

  3. WOLVERINES!!!March 06, 2012

    Family one came across as the most normal of all the shows. I can totally relate to them. Even the commentary at the end ---almost--- agreed with him. The second guy came across as OCD. I was thinking "OK, so you're using contaminated water on your plants, which was brought up. The 3rd family---I just don't git the whole polar shift thing. Yeah, I know it happened in the past. But what if it's a slow event? Or if it's an ELE? Then what?

    1. The producers make 'em pick an end of the world scenario, which is why I think we've seen so many people concerned about polar shift. At one point, he listed off a variety of things that could happen--polar shift was one of them.

      I very much liked is BOL set up; I'd want some better camo, but a bunker like that could get through most anything...

    2. Family one is what I originally expected from Preppers Show. Normal, educated folks preparing in a reasonable manner. I think for the most part NGEO missed the mark with the preppers used on show or maybe it was poor editing. If more like minded people turn up in season two, I'm sure ratings will go up. Isnt the whole point to channels like NGEO to educate?

  4. Somewhat related there is a show starting tonight at 9 on discovery called Doomsday Bunkers.

  5. I missed the episode, my DVR said it recorded the right show, but it was Alaska wilderness troopers or some crap. Nothing like Sarah Palin on a snowmobile in the woods.. or some crap.
    Of course they would have normal people on there, the one I have to wait a week to see.

  6. The HHO machine of the 2nd prepper was probably inspired be a water bong...

  7. Re Fukushima- FOIA document releases recently have show that there was and still is a hazard to the US from the ongoing releases.


    "The DITTRA result was four rem [40,000 microsieverts] to the thyroid of a one year-old child based on one year integration of uptake."

    10 microsieverts is the max allowed dose for the year for a child. Good luck if your kid has been drinking California milk for the last year.

    Cesium levels in milk have been going up, not down.

  8. Has anyone else noticed that the “experts” haven’t agreed that any of the scenarios these people are prepping for are likely to happen, until family #1? They said that they can’t rule that one out.

  9. I was very interested in the stove the first family was using to burn the compressed bricks in. Any body know what that specific model was or who makes it?

  10. I liked that family 1s father tried to broaden the reason why he preps from 1 senario. Without being alarmist, which I don't think most preppers are, NatGeo really should point out that while any one senario might be unlikely, if you consider all senarios taken together it is almost certain that some serious senario will occur to most people in the course of their life: Tornado's anyone. Also I thought it funny that a few weeks after
    NatGeo told us solar EMP was unlikely NASA issues this solar storm alert--this one is not a Carrington event, but the next might be.

    1. Btw anyone noticing that it's not just gas going up in price? I went to buy 5gal gas cans the other day and the two places I went had gone up $9 & $4 dollars respectively.

      Inflation anyone or are people starting to get it?

  11. So, I just took a look at my Amazon wish list. All of the more obvious prepping related items have had a slight to significant increase in price (blades and bags particularly), while other items have remained the same. I can't help but assume its because of the popularity I this show. Bummer.