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Contest coming in April!

Hey guys. Sorry for the light content this week; things will be back in full swing this next week. But, not to disappoint, I wanted to give you something exciting to wrap up your week--a contest announcement! Woohoo!

Next month, we're going to be running our 3rd Photo Contest, and this time we want to see your pocket survival kits! I'm a pocket survival kit nerd, and I'm curious to see what's out there. I think we're going to restrict sizing to altoid tins or similar, to keep the playing field level.

Full rules and details will be coming, and we're finalizing the lineup of prizes over the next week or so. Randy Church is hammerin' on some custom pocket survival kit tools in his forge. Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy have provided us with a copy of The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook. We've got a gift certificate from the folks at Paladin Press. I'm going to gather some books from the T-Blog Survival Library. And we're pulling together some other great stuff from friends of TEOTWAWKI Blog...there's going to be some great, unique stuff in the prize mix, that's for sure!

If you don't have a pocket survival kit, put one together! I'm tentatively planning on opening things up for submission a week from today, if we can get everything finalized at that point.

Full rules and details to come next week!