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Lightweight Cook Kit

Here's my lightweight cooking kit, which consists of:

- 28 ounce Snowpeak Titanium pot and lid
- Sea to Summit Alpha Light long spoon
- Pop can alcohol stove
- Hardware cloth pot stand

Whole kit weighs less than 10 ounces and has some solid versatility. The alcohol stove will run off a variety of fuels and gets water boiling pretty quickly. The hardware cloth pot stand isn't a must have, but it's useful and enables me to cook over twigs, fuel tablets, and so on, in addition to the pop can stove.

The Snowpeak pot nests fairly well under a standard Nalgene-style bottle, with the lid riding nested under the pot. I'm not a titanium junkie, but it's a nice pot and lid, sturdy and lightweight. I would like measurement markings on the sides, though. Came in a set (the Mini Solo), which included a smaller pot and a fairly nice mesh bag. Pricey, but I got mine with an REI member discount.

Went with a spoon over a spork because I couldn't find a long handled spork--the long handle is useful for eating out of food packages, mixing, etc. Does its job.

I need to get together a windscreen, looking at some heavy duty foil for that role.