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Weekend Open Thread - What are your prepping goals for the year?

Last year was the first year that I actually sat down and wrote down my prepping goals for the year, and I found it to be massively beneficial in guiding my efforts. This year, I'm planning on making it an official, sit-down thing with TEOTWAWKI Wife. We've been in a sort of graduate-school limbo for the past several years, and I will be done and working full time by mid-year, so we should be able to make some major strides.

Anyways, in order to help motivate you guys, I thought I'd run an open thread. What are your prepping goals for 2012? 

Remember, good goals follow the SMART acronym:
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time based
Read more about goal setting here.

Post up your prepping goals for 2012 in the comments section.


  1. Seeing as how we are moving to the BIL in a couple weeks, that would be #1;

    #2 Getting our food stores back up to a year's worth for the four of us (that is in "normal food" that we eat all the time, not MREs). We have been eating the stores since we sold our house in August, to save money for the BIL purchase, and because I didn't want to move them again;

    #3 Replenishing the cash stash used up in buying this property and moving to it, both in savings and on-hand;

    #4 Putting in 8 new square-foot garden blocks in place of the overgrown row-type garden at the new BIL;

    #5 Getting a new hive going (I kept bees for 5 years, but haven't for the past 3)(I'll work up to 12 hives, from splits, swarms, and buying a pkg every year);

    #6 Chickens (I've never had chickens, so this will be entirely new to me);

    #7 ONE pig, against my better judgement (because I only wanted to add one new animal at a time to keep from being overwhelmed);

    #8 In order to have the chickens and the pig, some fence repairs need to be done, and either some repairs to one of the sheds to be used as a coop, or a new coop or chicken tractor needs to be built;

    #9 Reloading all the brass currently filling a ridiculous number of little boxes in our new BIL - this requires finding a place to set up the reloading bench, or just sucking it up and using the workbench in the creepy "Michigan basement". Not my first choice, I'll tell you.

    #10 Sewing everyone's hammocks and having overnights with the kids in the back forty. There should always be at least one FUN goal...

    Xa Lynn

    1. Xa Lynn -

      Like your blog's name. Good luck on the saving throw ;)

      Sounds like you and your family have done some great work and are making great strides in your preparedness. Good luck in the new home!

      Question for you - are the square-foot garden blocks the ones done with cinder blocks, or something else entirely?

    2. Thanks! (Some days I need it more than others...) The squares can be made with cinder blocks, but they don't have to be. I've used 1"x12" boards in the past and they worked fine for at least five years. Cookstove House/Plywood Palace has a big stack of cinder blocks behind the house, so that is what we'll be using this time, at least until we run out. Less money and more permanent is good.

      Xa Lynn

  2. *Purchase a generator - we have no alternate heat source so in the event of a long term outage in winter would be crucial.
    *Increasing our food stores and adding a permanent potable water store. We have rain barrels which could be used for laundry and watering the garden. Otherwise it's used for the garden.
    *I need more range time. I've only shot a few times and am still a little unsure of myself.

    1. - For a heat source, some sort of wood stove or propane heater (used properly!) will get you a lot more bang-for-your-buck as far as emergency heating than a generator. 'course you can't run a fridge or a freezer off a wood stove...

      - A good water filter would turn non-potable rain water into the good stuff. Big Berkey is the common recommendation, but I'm sure there are other options. Or just stock/rotate bleach.

      - Live fire is big, but don't underestimate the power of dry fire practice. Will go a long way towards making you confident in handling your firearms. Quadruple check any firearm before dry firing, follow all firearms safety rules and make sure there are NO errant live round anywhere nearby.

  3. I was thinking a propane heater of some sort too but hub wants a generator big enough to hook our existing heat into and the freezer. I'm thinking it's going to use a lot of gas and be very loud. Sigh... He hasn't bought it yet so I have time to sway him maybe?
    I hadn't thought of dry firing but that is a good idea to get more comfortable with having the weapon in my hands and handling.
    Water- we also considered having a well dug but since our lot is a small city lot, I'm not sure if that's going to fly. Also, we are very close to sea level and most wells around here aren't potable.(Makes me wonder about the early settlers though)
    Thanks for the suggestions.

  4. sorry that didn't work as a reply for some reason.

  5. After reading an article about how it is nearly impossible to find Asprin (yes asprin) in pharmacies in Greece after all the civil unrest there. I have decided to double my efforts on stocking as much over the counter meds, bandages, and anti-biotic ointments as I can. This same article went on to talk about how people are running out of maintenance medications because the government tried to impose price controls on the phrmacuticals industry so the Phrama's are taking there medications elsewhere to sell it where they can make a profit.

  6. I got a complete hip replacement! I have everything else we need.Bring it on!

  7. College PrepperJanuary 14, 2012

    I'm starting out and am in college, so I have a fairly small set of goals (but they should be manageable.

    1. Build up a one-month food supply for myself -- my budget and space don't allow for much more.

    2. Build up a B.O.B and test it by camping.

    3. Learn to hunt.

    I'm also going to work toward financial security and I'm going to learn more about food gardening.

  8. 1. Move out the the Puget Sound Region. Not really a prepper things as much as just a general goal, but one the first things I looked at in terms of moving was how places I thought about moving too would fair long emergency wise.

    2. Up my medical skills. Re-up my Wilderness First Responder certificate.

    3. Do at least one century bike ride and one 3 day hike.

    4. Buy and figure out how to cook with a pressure cooker.

    5. Get my concealed carry permit and take a few more defensive handgun classes.

    That's about it.

  9. This is my first comment, however i am a lurker/fan.
    1) Will be starting school next week, going for EMT basic, eventually up to Paramedic. So getting my EMT/B Certification is first.
    2) Getting my vehicle fully repaired, worthy of a cross-country bug out.(no BOL, more for general preparedness.)
    3) Learn to hunt. i will be a new hunter, but people in my family are experienced. I have been practicing with range time when affordable, and lots of dry fire practice.
    4) This should probably fall under 3, but i would like to get all the accessories i want/need for my arms; rails, optics, etc. i will also include training classes here, most notably to attend a Project Appleseed event.
    5) Lots of camping, both to try/test new gear, as well as for recreation.
    6) As i live in an apartment, have been egging my parents to dig up part of the yard for a garden.

    1. These folks:
      Might be able to point you to a community garden in your area where you could get a spot or to experienced gardeners who might need a little extra help and are willing to trade their knowledge and food for your labor.

  10. 1) EDUCATION take at least one class in the following areas:
    a. Tactical Rifle/Pistol
    b. EMT or Advanced First Aid
    c. Engines/motors
    2) Get in better physical shape swim 3 times a week, get to the gym 2-3 times a week (we will see...)
    3) Take at least one long term (week long) camping trip (off grid) to practice skills.
    4) Map out bug out routes better. I have three routes mapped out but I plan to drive them all reconning them for potential danger areas. I also need PHYSICAL MAPs as I can't depend on my SUVs onboard nav system.
    5) Continue food prepping by buying a few things for the storage room every month and by planning one/two major food buys.
    6) Buy more ammo, I need to add to what I have another 2000 rounds of .223, 2000 rnds of 762x39, 2000 40cal, 1000 9mm, 500 .357/38., 2000 .22, and 1000 shotgun shells. (Putting me in about the 20k club)
    7) Start storing seeds by doing some research on good crops for my climate.

  11. Well, I'll continue building up my stores as best my budget can afford, but my big goal is to get a good emergency water filtration system. A Berkey would be great, but I'll probably be building my own.

    All of the stored rice, beans and dehydrated meals in the world will be worth squat once the stored water, bleach and purification tablets are gone.

  12. Below are some of the things on my 2012 NY resolution list, which is down in the pantry. I'm too damn lazy to go look at it. New preppers, don't despare at what I've listed, I've been prepping for some time to build my stores. I saw ths coming in 2004 and my retirement income is generous enough to allow this to happen. I'm not necessarlity frugal but I take advntage of good deals when they arise. Buy double of everything when you go to the store. That's what I did when I first started out. 4 cans of soup instead of 2 kind of thing. It can be done...

    I'm good for a few years here at least but, I no longer feel safe in my current BIL. It's rural NW woods but too many neighbors now so;

    1) I'm looking for a new BIL/BOL spot W of WA.
    2) Get two orders of the Costco's Shelf Reliance meat pack to go with the rice, beans, other sundiries and wheat.
    3) More Ammo, a lot more ( I found a website some time back where they aggregated the cost from a hundred dealers so I'm looking for that site. If anyone know of it, please post as my search has been fruitless.)
    4) Get the BOV non-articulating V snow-plow sturdied up so that moving abandoned (or occupied should that danger present itself, hehe) vehicles won't tear it up on the outermost parts.
    5) Dig a large root cellar, cut the trees needed to cover and to put at least 3 feet of dirt over it.
    6) Build up to at least a ton of wheat.
    7) Get more monolithic water filter elements.
    8) More bulk fuels, summer is forcasted to be $5 a gal. Who knows after that.
    9) Obtain more fish Antibiotics (my fish are always sick, hehe, love the Amazon stuff, btw)

    A dozen other things I can't recall from my resolution list but these are the priorities. They will get done, although the qtys. may vary.

    I'm still up in the air on this PM thing. I've got cash stashed but I see PM's as an after it all recovers thing. I don't think it will recover for some years. I think I'd rather eat until it recovers.

    !!) Get a good prepper gal. (This one I'm not to good at as I don't get out much anymore. LOL)
    12) Find a good MAG.