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TEOTWAWKI Blade Entry #9

I can think of several family family members who might be left behind in trade for more knives, but if I had to 'grab and go' with just one, it would be my old (verging on ancient)  Herter's "Canadian Trout and Bird Knife"  (the upper one in photo).

I picked this knife up at a flea market in 1979 for $4. It was already an antique - old, rusty, discolored 4 inches of carbon steel  when I bought it. It did not take long to restore the finish and edge.  A little neatsfoot oil brought the sheath back to life.

It has been my outdoor companion for over 30 years. It has gutted, skinned and butchered deer, cleaned innumerable fish, prepared more dinners than I can count, made tent stakes, been pounded through firewood, whittled,  scared a couple drunk trespassers more than my 2 companions'  holstered sidearms,  been used to teach my kids to use a knife safely, cut string and packing tape, and, basically been my 'go-to' knife when outdoors, and frequently in my kitchen and home as well. I once thought I had lost in in a move, and dang-near cried.

You can't get a new one any more, and I regret that.  The lower picture is the Cold Steel brand "Canadian Belt Knife".  $12 US new. It's stainless, but still easy to maintain an edge. Plastic molded hilt that still feels pretty good.  It's a close contender. One in my car, one in each of the BOB's,  one on the tac-vest, etc.  You can hang a carabiner from the belt-loop, and wrap the nylon sheath with ducktape/pvc tape/bank-line turk's head/fob/lanyard for extra utility with little extra weight.

It won't chop down trees, hack through dense brush, decapitate zombies (unless they hold REAL still for ya') , and you'll probably get 'fight bite' if you use it as a combat blade  (no guard), but for 99.xx% of what you use a knife for,  every day of the week, you just cannot beat this shape and size. Close to perfect.

Your great-great grandkids will probably fight over the Herter's knife, if you can find one. Not sure if the Cold Steel will make it past the grandkids, but worth a try.

Wyzyrd <:)}