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TEOTWAWKI Blade Entry #3

From D.E. -

Browning Field Duty X-treme -
Heavy duty, yet sharp, ergonomical and feels lighter than it looks in the hand.
Bottom edge has enough belly to skin/fine cutting task if you choke up on the blade to be used like a ulu.
Top hatchet edge is effective, I split the firewood in the photo with one swing of the knife, no baton, no other help, just using the top edge in a regular hatchet swing....saves alot of time and energy...vital in a survival situation in some cases.

Slabs on the handle come off, can be used as spear, hammer...thick enough to be used as a pry bar if you had nothing else.
The slabs are linen micarta, they were smooth originally, I added the friction groves with a Dremel tool.  As for the top hatchet edge, it was factory, just been sharpened up.  The knife is made by TOPS and it appears from the design that it was an alternative/copy of the Tom Brown Tracker, just with a better actual blade design and practical hatchet edge...an improvement over the Tracker in my opinion.
Bottom Cutting Edge 6.5"
Top Hatchet Edge 3.5"
Blade Thickness 1/4 Inch

This knife really does do it all and best of all I got it on clearance a few years back, paid $80.00 for it, original retail was $299.00...cant beat it!

Sheath is custom made by me, little kydex, heat gun and there you go.  Pouch carries fire rod, sharpening stone and Bic lighter. 
In ending I'll leave you with the words of a wise old warrior (Conan's father to his son)..."No one in this world can you trust, not men, not women, not beast.......this you can trust!"