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TEOTWAWKI Blade Entry #14

My TEOTWAWKI Blade would be my CETME bayonet.  This is a M1969 version Spanish CETME bayonet.  It was originally used on the 7.62 NATO CETME assault rifle.  This one was probably made in Toledo, INI, Spain in the 1970’s.  It has checkered plastic grips and an unfullered bolo blade, which aids in cutting vegetation.  The steel pommel should be good for breaking windows, cracking nuts, or splitting zombie skulls.

The reason I would choose this knife over the many other folders and fixed blades I have is mainly because it is the bayonet for my CETME MBR that would be my go to gun when TEOTWAWKI rolls around.  So if I had to choose ONLY one, it would be this one.

Another good reason that this would be a great TEOTWAWKI Blade is because of the price.  I purchased this one for $10.99 plus $8 shipping.  For many people spending $50 or $70 plus on one knife is not feasible when they are also loading up on beans, bullets, and band aids.  Especially when you are a Father and husband prepping for four or if you are leading a group of preppers.

These bayonets are made for, hacking, stabbing, chopping, whacking, and digging.  I cannot think of a more suitable type knife for TEOTWAWKI.  These are battle proven; this type of knife has probably dug more foxholes, hacked more things in half, and saved more lives than any of the fancy, name brand, survival knives on the market today.

A nice thing about the bayonet is the bayonet ring.  If I need to make a spear for sticking and stabbing, the ring would make it easier to attach to the end of a pole.  Just shape the end of a good hickory branch and fasten it on tight with some paracord and you are good to go.

Technical Specs:
Blade Length: 9.875in
Overall Length: 13 1/4in
Blade Thickness: 3/8in
Blank phosphate finish


After telling the wife and kids about the contest they wanted to show off their knives.  Grandma is over for the Christmas weekend too.  From left to right, my son, Grandma, my daughter, and my wife.  This Grandma is not going to get ran over by any reindeer…

Merry Christmas to all the TEOTWAWKI Blog readers.
Sean from Illinois