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Reader Submission: Multi Use Whistle

 The soda can whistle inspired reader Dmnhunter to pass along another whistle design. Pretty cool, plus it's multifunctional!

It is very easy to build and on the go can be built very quickly with nothing more than a knife and a rock to sand down the sharp edges. Material for it can be found anywhere in the world! I choose to use a piece of stainless steel banding strap I found on a shipping box. roughly 3" x 1/2". Fold it in half and drill a whole through the center and you have a really loud whistle. I drilled my hole, but have built them on the go out of pieces of soda cans and driven a nail through it or used the awl on my knife.

And if you order now! I did say multipurpose!!!

Check out the pictures!  Easy carry as a money clip, Whistle and lastly tweezers.

I have used mine too many times to count for all three. And I have to say the tweezers work very well for getting out that stubborn buck briar thorn after a long day on the trail.

Using the whistle does take a little practice to get good at it. Take whistle and lay flat between your lips, with your tongue behind it and then gently blow through the channel you have created with your tongue and lips. With a little practice you will be able to get a very loud whistle and mimic some bird and animal calls with it.

NOTE!!!! Must use something to smooth the edges or you will get a cut lip or worse!!!!!!