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More Hope!

Randy sent me Hope for shipping to the eventual winner of the TEOTWAWKI Blade contest, and after a long cross-country trip it arrived here in the desert. USPS sure took their damn time on this one, but I guess it's the Christmas season and all, and at least it's not UPS Ground.

I'm not going to put the knife to use - we'll leave that to its eventual winner - but I've certainly done some drooling over it. Randy's work is high quality, while still looking like it belongs right in the middle of a nuclear wasteland.

The sheath is very cool and fits both blades snugly and securely, and the stitching should hold for the next few hundred years. It has TEOTWAWKI etched on the back too, which warms my prepper heart.

The Hope knife itself feels very good in hand. It has a long-ish handle, which provides a variety of grip options. You can choke up on the knife for finer tasks, or get some distance from the blade if you're using it for batoning or chopping. It handles well and the blade is nice and sharp, though I've refrained from doing any arm hair shaving :). It's a nice size - big enough, not huge and unwieldy. Overall, a very functional, well thought knife--and it looks ridiculously cool to boot.

Anyways, this is a great knife and blows away anything in my modest personal collection of blades. The eventual winner will be one lucky man!

I've got a half dozen more pictures of the set after the jump. Lots of eye candy of this great blade, and of course there's Randy's superior photographs in the original post from a few days back. Enjoy! And enter into the contest - there's only 11 days left to get your chance to win!

Size comparison with a Becker BK-7.
'Dashi close-up. You can also see how furry the warthog is.