> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Zombie Weaponry Contest Entry #21 - the last one!!!



Zombie Weaponry Contest Entry #21 - the last one!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest--impressive! Good turn out. We're looking to do some similar contests in the future and have some exciting things in the works. Stay tuned.

From D.Z.:

"Pic1"- In Hand, In the Quiver, or Strapped to my Waist:
-1 48" short bow: in the Land of Zombies grabbin a quick meal at the drive through isnt gonna be an option, and arrows can be readily adapted from materials.Gotta save my bullets for the undead.
-Kukri machete: chopping work, and melee weapon.
-SOG Fasthawk: backup for the Kukri.
-.22 Henry Survival Rifle: a self-contained semi-auto rifle that's accurate, utilizing cheap and plentiful high-velocity ammo.It's no AR, but its what I have if I had to grab and go, and I'm glad it's there.
-quiver from buffalo hide for arrows and longer weapons; a gift from an aunt who was a collector, and very well made.
-Cold Steel big bore blowgun, pulling double-duty as small-game alternate to the bow, and walking staff when assembled.
-Filipino War Golok: My primary limg-chopper; what it lacks in aesthetic beauty it makes up in function (which is why it's so beautiful *sniff* )
-Filipino Panabas: For the bigger zombies, when its necessary to swing away with both hands.

More pictures and gear after the jump!

"pic2"- Everything in the Bug-out Bag:
-Maxpedition Kodiak: a single-strap bag thats highly versatile and makes access to pouches a cinch. Thats a Cold Steel Voyager X2 slid through the front straps, and a flashlight that recharges from sunlight clipped to the side, for when the last AAA runs dry.A 32oz. Nalgene and 100oz bladder serve hydration duty. If you're wondering about why the one-strap: I used to be a tuba player and it just feels right ;)
-Emergency Bivvy: for when you get caught in a spot and have to make do for a night.
-Camp Toilet Paper: even one-ply is better than making do when you gotta "make do"!
-400lb test-weight nylon cord with micro grappling hook at the end for retrieving items in hard to reach places.
-Wire saw in candy tin.
-Squishy bowl for beverages.
-Granola Bars...many more than are pictured.
-Paracord, for all of it's many wonderful uses.
-Extendable mirror and 8lb test-weight magnetic retriever...for seeing around corners and out of hiding spots, and snatching useful items that would prefer to remain hidden.
-First Aid kit. "it" happens.
-Wound Closure kit. for when "it" happens a little deeper.
-Pocket Grappling Hook: for line-casting and retrieving larger items.
-Inova Flashlight: for shining light into dark places.
-Glowsticks: for leaving dark places lit.
-Gerber pouch with Gerber Multitool, Gerber sliding saw, gerber flashlight, and Cold Steel Vaquero Grande (serrated).
-Slingshot, as backup to bow and blowgun: anything that can fit in the pouch can function as ammo (within reason).
-ToolLogic lockblade with firestarter.
-Ducttape: the original Band-Aid...it fixes pretty much darn near anything.

"Pic3": On the Belt, On the Vest, In my pocket or on my Head!
-"Real Deal" Canvas hat....pretty much the coolest and most durable piece of headgear I've ever owned: to reduce exposure.
-Rothco Safari Vest: what it lacks in initial quality can be reinforced with good thread, and makes up for in number of pockets.
-Spyderco Rescue Serrated: the first thing that goes into my pocket every day.
-Streamlight AAA flashlight.
-Turtle-shell compass on snake-skin bracelet.
-CRKT Folts Minimalist-Around the neck as a "last ditch" tool.
-Monocular: for seeing it coming from a long way off.
-NOAA weather radio: for knowing when the break out the poncho until the last anchorman becomes snack-food.
-5liter drysack.
-TOPPS Scalpel.
-More Paracord
-More matches
-Gerber Crucial Multitool.
-Walther PK380. If youre wondering about why the dinky airsoft laser, it's not for pinpoint accuracy. If zombies are basically virus-spreading morons, why not have some fun and have them chase a red dot into a wall? Not like there's gonna be a bunch of domestic animals around to mess with anymore.