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The Walking Dead: Secrets

Spoilers Below

The episode lived up to its name, with secrets being revealed and new secrets being kept. Bit of a slower episode--more character moments than anything else. Dale stepping up and confronting Shane and Hershel was a bit surprising; but even more surprising was Lori's reveal of her pregnancy and her fling with Shane while she thought Rick was dead. Didn't think she'd be admitting to that any time soon, though Rick apparently had his suspicions.

How Hershel's group can think the zombies are just sick people is beyond me. Same with Glenn and Maggie going into town almost totally unarmed. What's with Shane's lame Hyundai--possibly the worst product placement I've seen in a while. Of all the cars Shane's could pick, he chooses a Hyundai hatchback?

Anyways, lots of secrets are now out in the open--definitely a "set up" episode--looking forward to the reactions and fallout next week.

What do you think is going to happen with Shane? Are he and Andrea going to hit the road? Conflict ahead for Dale and Shane? It seems to be heading that way--Andrea will have to choose one or the other.

What is the group going to do about Hershel's barn full o'zombies? I'd have a hard time leaving the tranquil farm behind to become a refugee just because of grumpy ol' Hershel. What would you do?

Will they ever find Sophia?

Apparently next week is a "midseason finale"--whatever that is--but it should be a big episode! Looking forward to it!