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And the winner is...

Hey guys--want to say once again how thrilled we are with how the contest turned out. Great turnout and great entries. Due to the success of the Zombie Weaponry Contest, we're looking to do more/similar stuff in the future. Our next contest should be bigger and better, so stay tuned.

While there were a lot of great entries, there can be only one winner and a runner up. As a reminder, photos were judged based on the following criteria:

Creativity, style, composition, photo quality and overall coolness factor, with creativity and coolness being the biggest factors.

After hours of deliberation and careful consideration, we have made our decisions. Click below to find out who won!

Runner-up goes to...


This was a tough one, but after long arguing, we finally decided on KingHoju's entry. Cool gear, fun write up and the only entry to feature a crowbar. You can check it out here.

KingHoju will be receiving:
- $15 Amazon gift card
Oscar Delta Go Tube

and the Grand Prize winner and King of Zombie slayers is:


Ed's entry led the pack in terms of creativity, composition, photo quality and sheer coolness factor. What can we say--we have a soft spot for MP5s and high-end blades :D You can find Ed's winning entry here.

Congratulations to Edwood7, who will be receiving:

- $35 Amazon gift card
Oscar Delta Go Tube and bead necklace
- Oscar Delta Hybrid Kevlar® Bracelet v10.2 - black paracord, snazzy, ready to size!
World War Z by Max Brooks (paperback)
TEOTWAWKI Blog T-shirt (limited sizing selection available)

Special Mention

A special mention has to go out to A.L., for sheer quantity of gear. Looks like he could equip an entire legion of zombie slayers. Check it out here.

That's a wrap! Stay tuned for another contest starting up here in the next couple weeks.