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Zombie Weaponry Contest Entry #5

Editor's Note: Our next entry is from reader A. L. I don't think he will be running out of knives any times soon :).

More pictures and description after the jump--and yes, there's more!

From A.L.:

Yes, I can name them all :)


Springfield M1A Scout with Magpul MOE Lightrail
Remington 870 with Mesa Tactical 20" 8-rd Sidesaddle Rail, Magpul MBUIS, Mesa Tactical High Tube Adapter, Magpul M93b, Vang Comp Barrel, and Vang Comp Dome Head Safety
Stoeger Coach Gun, 12g, with handmade 4-rd Buttcuff
Para 7.45 LDA Double Action 1911, .45
Kimber TLE RL II .45 with Surefire X300
Kimber Custom II .45 with mostly 10-8 and EGW parts
Kimber Pro Carry HD II .45 with mostly Wilson Combat and 10-8 Parts

Paul Chen Custom Folded Steel Katana, 31"/15"
CAS/Hanwei Practical Pro Forger Katana, 30"/15"
Early CAS Carbon Steel version of the Kurgan sword from highlander
Tinker Pierce Custom Gran Espee De Guere Longsword
CAS/Hanwei Bastard Sword
Windlass Castellan Longsword
Windlass Crecy War sword

Strider Prototype of the CRKT Hissou (I took Nami Ryu Aiki Heiho Kenjutsu with James Williams for several years)
Strider RW-3, an early version of what is now called the Zombie Squad chopper
Busse SARSQuatch
Busse Tankbuster
Busse SAR-5 x3
Strider WP
Strider ZM x2
Strider MV x2

A SOG Tigershark with a custom CocoBolo Handle

45 Emerson Folders, including 3 super commanders, 2 Mini Commanders, 3 S30V bladed Commanders, 2 '98 Commanders 16 other commanders, one custom MV-1, a HUMV, a Handground Persian, and assorted others

A Camillus CUDA Maxx Gibbs 7" Folder

20 Benchmade Folders, including 2x 610 Benchmade Rukus', 2x 552 Ritter Grip S30V Griptilians, and a 3300BK Infidel

A TAD/Jeff Hall L-MAX Breaching Axe

Bear Polar Bear #45 Long Bow
Bear Kodiak Magnum #65 Recurve Bow
Cold Steel 1917 Sabre
CAS VOC Cutlass

Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Medic (the largest Kit they make, i believe) to which i added a veterinary stapler.

SOE Gear Plate Carrier with 2x SOE 1x1 Mag Pouch, 1x EMDOM 6o4 pouch, SOE 6x6 Utility pouch, and a 50L Hydro Pouch on the back (with The Comedians pin from watchmen, of course). Has lvl IIIA soft armor sheets at the moment.

My Wasteland Coat, modified drover coat with a poachers pocket on the rear, 1080d Nylon reinforced Elbows and back, and a suspension system to attach packs and pouches (Benchmade 10100 LFK under left arm at the moment)

TAD FASTPack v2 with
-Brunton Solaris 62 Watt folding solar panel 
-Snugpack Special Forces 2 Sleeping Bag
-2 pair Socks
-8 cubes Wetfire Tinder
-UST BlastMatch Ferro firestarter
-Spare SOG B61 multitool
-Work Gloves
-4x CR123A batteries

Safariland 6004 Shroud with Sheath for Strider knife, and MLS plate (with both Holsters for Light and no-light 1911)

Tuff Products 8-in-Line Mag pouch with 8 Wilson 47d 10rd 1911 Mags

Lightfighter RAID Pack with 100L Hydrastorm Bladder, SOE 6x6 utility pouch, 2x CQB Pouches with 16 Round Shotgun strips 

HATCH Kevlar cut (bite!) resistant sleeves