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Zombie Weaponry Contest Entry #13

From KingHoju:

My primary anti-zombie weapon is an Ak-74 with folding stock.  Has a mini red dot I've found to be great for quick acquisition for repeated head shots against multiple zombie aggressors.  Double mag allows for a quick first reload--the last thing you want is a zombie munching on your face while your trembling hands fumbling on a reload.

Zombie bag--the core of it a Maxpedition Active Shooter bag--holds back-up fire arm, a Ruger Mark III .22.  Typically .22 is adequate for a zombie's soft partially decomposed skull.  Its an accurate handgun and .22 is light weight--keeping weight down is key if you want to keep your brain from being zombie dessert.  Zombie bag also holds spare magazines, has a dump pouch, trauma kit, and some other basic gear.  

Knives: the Ka Bar Becker BK 2 and the CRKT Sting.  The Sting is good for zombie eye jabs.  Its a risky to get so close to a zombie, but sometimes I've had little choice.  A quick jab should reach the frontal lobe without much force--instantly disabling the zombie.  Just make sure you don't get bit or scratched in the process.  

Finally is my personal favorite and a zombie's worst nightmare: a good ol' fashion crowbar.  This has been my anti-zombie melee weapon of choice for quite a while.  Gives you decent reach and lets you crack zombie heads like nobodies business.  With the above gear I've been able to fight off large hoards of zombies but its also light enough for me to get around quickly and quietly.