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Zombie Weaponry Contest Entry #12: Gulliver's Kit

From R.G.:

Gulliver's Kit

Liliputian Zombies are a very credible threat to any traveler through their land. Picture Gulliver tied to the ground, feeling helpless and here come the tiny undead nibbling away. I've put together the following to help him escape and to save the Liliputians from the undead.

5 pocket knives
1 mini utility knife
1 hemostat
1 pr. scissors
2 tweezers
1 nail clipper
18 ft. paracord
1 spring-loaded punch
1 standard mouse trap
1 11-in-1 credit card survival tool
1 Gerber Shard (crowbar)
1 Bic lighter (torch)
1 hand sanitizer (napalm)
1 LED Flashlight w/extra batteries
1 Kel-Tec PF9 w/4 magazines
1 Skil utility knife/saw kit

PS: I'm a smartass, probably from birth. This is how my twisted sense of humor works most of the time.