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Zombie Weaponry Contest #4

Great entry from reader R.F. -

In picture 1:

I debated AR vs AK for a week and decided AR for accuracy.  Give limits in the number of mags I could carry (I am guessing 6 - 10) I think I would prefer a nice scoped AR with Harris bi-pod.

For close up work my trusty 12 gauge is ALWAYS ready to go, currently its loaded with Bird, Buck, Buck, Slug, Slug, with a 5 shell reload read on the butt in the same configuration. For zombies I might get rid of the Bird which is really a warning shot for burglars

My glock 22 and 3 mags are a must for any serious party.

In picture 2 are my back-up weps:
I have a nice two gun rig and so I pictured a second handgun (a glock22) but would probably actually go with my M&P 9 so that I have more option when it comes to scavenged ammo.

With it I always carry my S&W tactical folding knife.

I also love my Navy issue KBAR for a little chop chop work up close and personal.

You are not dreaming, that is a sling shot with steel shot. I realize it would be a desparate moment if it cam to that but hey it worked for David and when it comes to  Zombies (the living or dead kind) my hope too is in the Name of the Lord.

Finally since it seems to be the fashion I included a Katana. I am not sure why you would need more than one.  I always thought the  wakizashi or Japanese short sword was only for suicide, and I am not into that! Editor's Note: Extra points for having what looks like the katana from Highlander! There can be only one!

In hindsight, not pictured is my S&W .357revolver which I carry every day, which would be right were it always is I suppose.

Thanks for the fun contest and the great blog,

Editor's Note: Keep the great entries coming. For the details about our October Zombie Wearponry contest, go here. To enter, e-mail images and a short description to teotwawki.blog@gmail.com.