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Zombie Weaponry Contest #3

"S&W MP15-22 It's effective on head shots, ammo widely available, can be found anywhere(I mean anywhere, old farm houses, abandoned gas stations, tackle shops ...anywhere) and you can carry TONS of it.

Glock 23 40 cal.  Light, good caliber, reliable.

SOG Tomahawk, all around Zombie killing, wood choppin, barrell punchin, window breakin...endless uses.

Gerber Pack-Axe, for the extremely close and personal engagements....oh and great for wood too!!

Fox Knives Trapper, cant say enough great things about this knife, just awesome!

Browning Field Duty X-treme, TOPS made, heavy, built like a tank, even has a hatchet top edge, love this one too!

Homemade Flail/Morning Star, found a solid lead ball from a guide wire, figured I'd make it into a good ole fashioned skull crusher....I know, way to much time on my hands...ahahahaha!" - D.E.

Editor's Note: I like the camo -- very cool!