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Review: Vicker's Tactical Extended Magazine Release

The Glock's stock mag release is not ideal--look at the array of aftermarket replacements out there.While it's never been a big deal to me, I figured an update was in order, so I picked up the $15 to $20-ish Vicker's Tactical model in hopes of speeding mag changes.

Initial impressions? Underwhelming. $15 to $20 for a simple plastic part? It's like if bought your kid a 20-piece Lego set for $400. The Glock factory extended magazine release is under $4. 

You would think for the $11-$16 price difference, you would get some decent instructions ala many of Magpul's products. Alas, the Vicker's magazine release comes with no instructions and a big warning to only have a professional gunsmith install the part. Instructions are out there on the net (more later), but still, for the price premium, they could throw some instructions in. (And some stickers or something--something!)

Compared side by side with the stock Glock magazine release, there's barely any difference between the two releases - the Vicker's Tactics is slightly longer and with softened edges. Installed, there's not really a dramatic difference between the two either. The extra length does make mag releases a bit easier, but I still have to shift my grip to drop the magazine. Less of a shift, but it's an incremental improvement.

Not a bad part, but overpriced and less of an improvement than I was hoping for. At $6-$8, this would be a better deal. If I were to do it again, I'd probably go that way and shave/sand it down if it was too long--it's just plastic, and you could buy three or four for the price of the Vicker's just in case you royally screw things up. There's just not much about the Vicker's release to deserve the price premium they are charging on a basic plastic part.

For anyone considering swapping out the mag release/catch on your Glock, it's pretty easy--it takes a flat screw driver and about 5 minutes. I found my Surefire E1B to be helpful as well. The best instructions for changing the Glock magazine release that I could find were here, at Glockmeister.