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Review: Low Rider Pocket Clips

I passed on a link to these a while back and picked up a couple at the time. The order from USAKnifemaker.com went smoothly, pocket clips arrived in a timely fashion. I slapped one of the clips on my newest knife, a customized Emerson CQC-8 and have been using it on a daily basis since then.

Interested in how the pocket clip has held up? Click the link below to find out!

I'm a stickler when it comes to pocket clips, and the stock pocket clip on many knives leaves something to be desired. Typically, the knife will ride too high in the pocket, hampering concealment and comfort. The low rider pocket clip is designed to overcome that issue, allowing the knife to sit much lower. It's a major difference and is hands down superior. I carry the CQC-8 inside my waistband, and the low ride clip allows it to carry comfortably low.

The pocket clip is a little tricky to install, with the placement of the two screws requiring some finesse to angle them under the pocket clip and tighten down. Nothing too difficult though, and it fit perfectly in Emerson's standard three-hole design, a design used on many high quality knives from makers like Benchmade and Spyderco. Though the clip only uses two of the three holes, it is perfectly secure, without any wobble or weakness in attachment.

The clip is made from the uber-metal titanium; the finish is tumbled/stone washed, and looks pretty good. Both of my clips did have some slight scratching on them, which is only noticeable in the right light. Not a flawless finish, but titanium is prone to scratching anyways.

USAKnifemaker.com advocates modifying the clips in whatever way -- heat anodizing, cutting, re-finishing, bending - you name it. They certainly do provide a good starting place if you have that in mind. You will probably want to bend the pocket clip to custom fit snugly along the side your particular knife. In my case, I've left the clip as it came to me, with a bit more of a gap between the clip and G-10 scale then usual. This allows for a smooth, easy draw and is gentler on the waistband of pants.

This pocket clip has definitely elevated the CQC-8 in terms of general utility and carry-ability for me. Huge improvement over the stock three-hole pocket clip, and a great value at the $7.50 + shipping price tag. If you're picky about your pocket clips or want some additional comfort and concealability, definitely pick some up.

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