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Review: Kwikguard Rail Covers

Rail covers have a fairly simple job - protect unused rail real estate, protect your hands from the rails and stay on during use. Kwikguard Rail Covers are reputedly made by a manufacturer who does covers for the DOD - probably the rail covers for the RAS system used on military M4s, but I'm not sure. I bought 'em because they're on Amazon and are about 2/3rds the price of competing options. They look pretty decent too.

Kwikguards made of a hard plastic, with a fairly rough texture -- I was expecting something more rubbery and easy on the hands. Due to the aggressive texture, I'm guessing these were made with gloved hands in mind. To bare hands, they're not much better than the rail.

Install is fairly easy -- you snap them on over the rail. Sliding doesn't work well--I tried. They take some pressing, squeezing and smacking, but once the Kwikguards are on, they're on.

The Kwikguards are sold in different lengths - full length, medium and small. The full length rails that I have are really meant for a full rail. There's not a lot of flexibility in the design.

Overall, Kwikguards do the job, but they're a mixed bag--too much on the aggressive side and lacking the flexibility of other designs out there on the market. There are other designs out there that I will probably give a try.

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