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Open Thread: What have you done lately to better prepare?

Open thread time! What have you done lately to get better prepped for hard times and disaster?

It's been a productive few weeks for us.

Major investment has been a plate carrier set up. Still need to get a few ends sorted out on it, but pretty happy with how it's coming together. Body armor is a great thing to have if you're heading into harms way. Just look at the survivability of our soldiers versus those in WWII or 'Nam. Yes, medical advances have something to do with it, but standard-issue body is the main contributor. If for some horrible reason I've got angry gunfire incoming, I'd prefer to be in an Abrams tank, but having some level III rifle plates is better than bare flesh. Will have more details and a rundown of armor options in a bit.

Have also been playing around with ultralight cooking setups-- soda can stoves and picked up an MSR Pocket Rocket. I really like the MSR stove - will have more on it. Also invested in a Snowpeak Mini Solo titanium cookset. A bit too spendy for my tastes, but I got it on sale and titanium cookware ain't cheap. The large pot nests nicely in a Guyot stainless bottle and has replaced my GSI nesting cup in my EDC bag.

What have you guys been up to?