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Tip of the Day: Low Rider Pocket Clips

A folding knife's pocket clip can make-or-break it in terms of carry. A bad pocket clip can be difficult to carry, difficult to conceal and make the knife flat-out uncomfortable. 

USAKnifemaker.com has several styles of replacement, low ride pocket clips available. These fit the standard "three screw" pocket clip used on many knife--many Benchmade and Emerson knives, for example--and replace the standard pocket clip with a titanium clip design to ride lower in the pocket. I find a lower ride to be more comfortable and also obviously more concealable. 

I have a few en route to try out and will post up more details when I have 'em in-hand. However, I thought I would pass these along as a tip of the day, for any of you struggling along with bad pocket clips!