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Heads Up: Bad Ammo Lot

Hey, wanted to pass this along, as I'd linked to a deal for a discount on USA Ammo a while back. I bought the discount too and was looking to spend it this morning. Did a quick bit of searching and found that at least one batch of their remanufactured .223 has some fairly serious issues; here's a thread on AR15.com of a guy who had his new Sig 5.56 blow up in his face. Here's the statement that USA Ammo has been sending to customers:

Dear Valued Customer, 

We are privy to a possible issue with our 223 55gr FMJ Remanufactured ammunition, LOT#2906113 only. Since you received a shipment of this ammunition in July, you possibly received ammunition with LOT#2906113. If you did receive this product, we are asking you to immediately cease firing this ammunition and return it to us at our expense. Contact our office during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm Central Standard Time, to receive instructions on packaging and shipping the ammunition back to our plant. We will immediately send you replacement ammunition in the full quantity of your original order. 

We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality ammunition and this quality control measure is voluntary on our part to ensure our commitment. The 223 55gr FMJ Remanufactured ammunition is the only product affected by this action. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and we will work tirelessly to limit any aggravation. 


USA Ammo 

Sounds like USA Ammo is doing the good thing and reimbursing the guy for the ka-boomed rifle, and that the issue is from the power manufacturer and has been traced to that lot. Still, not particularly encouraging for someone with a $100 gift card for their ammo.