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Falling Skies: What Hides Beneath

We're not worthy! - Skitters


I'm horrendously late on this episode - just finally got a chance to sit down and watch it. Meh episode in general with some big reveals to set up for the 2 hour season finale.

  • The Skitters have bosses - big, skinny, more classic alien-like. Not especially scary or intimidating...unarmed and appear easy to kill.
  • The Skitters are probably slaves, too. They have harnesses buried down inside their guts, as discovered by Dr. Bloodgood and Religious Girl.
  • And apparently wearing a harness long-term turns you into a Skitter. So poor Ben may be turning into your friendly neighborhood space monster next week. 
  • After being forgotten and left to the Skitters, Karen is still alive and harnessed. Of course, no one makes a significant effort to rescue her. Son #1 has moved on.
  • Maggie was completely absent from this episode...guess they can only have one blond girl at a time?
  • Apparently the alien mechs use .44 magnum, or maybe .45 colt; it wasn't clear. Pope talked about .44 mag and then asked the soldier for a .45 revolver. Either way, a rimmed revolver round is not going to work well (or at all) in the mech's auto cannons. And they're not kept in military stores. Or maybe the writer's just wanted to use that kind of ammo so Pope could shoot it through a single action revolver at the end of the episode. Probably the case.
  • Anyone notice how a group of characters will talk about a person while they are in the same room, a couple feet away? "I think this lady is crazy, we might as well kill her." Crazy lady, standing 5 feet away - "I can hear you!"
Looks like the season finale will have the heroes shooting aliens with explosive "mech bullets" and blowing up their ship/base. Could see some decent alien slaying action next week. I won't be three days late for that one!