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Falling Skies: Season Finale

All right, the rough recap and general thoughts. And beware of spoilers, as usual.

Episode 1:
Dae is returning with a message from big boss Porter; he's seriously wounded and only tells his message to Weaver.

Looks like the survivors like RCBS presses for mech ammo reloading, though I did see some Lee dies. Guess they raided a gun shop somewhere?

Captain Weaver vs Tom Mason angle-- pretty lame. Guess we need complications for some reason.

Uh oh...Ben is radio sensitive. Looks like he's got a case of the Skitters.

Weaver's gone a bit off his rocker...he must be stopped. 

Jimmy leads the breakout Mason. Mason somehow beats the armed veteran soldier in hand to hand. And Jimmy just stood there watching. Operation Stop Weaver is on.

Injured Dae reveals the truth - Porter's unit got hit, they're all probably dead. Injured Dae's message to Weaver was to abort the original mission, but, because Weaver's off his rocker, he's going for it anyways.

LOL, Jimmy's betrayal hits Weaver hard. "Jimmy!!!!" 

Lots of handguns in the face this episode. Not really good following of firearms safety rules. I think everyone needs a refresher lesson with Maggie.

Pope is on Weaver's side because "Cooties win, every time!"

And after a heart to heart, Weaver comes to his senses. Diplomacy, friends. Now for the rousing speech.

Gearing up for the attack on the alien base. Tom Mason is staying behind. Son #1, Hal, is going, for mom, Ben and Karen (he remembers her, yay!). 

And then the fighters roll out.

Overall, this first of two episodes was fairly blah. Setup for the real finale episode, which is on now.

Episode 2:

Haha, Rick has spider man powers and attacks old radio guy. Lamest special effect of the season. Not a good start. 

Spider-Rick has sabotaged the radio equipment, but Ben is on the case. Wow, this conversation is horrible. "I just want them out of my head!" Hoping Rick gets blown away trying to escape...too bad he has parkour skills. And looks like he's going to tell the Skitters everything about his human pals...and they left him. He's having an identity crisis. Horrible acting. Painful.

So, Rick's told the Skitters everything, aliens are on their way. Civvies have to bug out. Mason and some volunteers are going to stay back and fight. 

Weaver's going forward with his suicide attack but sends Hal back to the school to notify the civvies that they need to retreat. Looks like Weaver & Co. might not make it to season 2. Glad we had all that character development with him last week.

The mechs are coming. Maggie's taken her jacket off, which means it's time to get down to business. The mech is here...battle time. They only sent one. Dae is up and moving around, guess he recovered from his serious wound in a day.

Mech 1 is down. But wait, there's more! A lot more. Things don't look good. Let's see if Ben's radio jamming works...it does.

The mech animation looks pretty bad...slowest, least dramatic retreat ever. Very lame for a season finale ending battle. Really not much action here.

Anyone think we are going to see a romance with Maggie and Jimmy? Jimmay!

Mason and Dr. Bloodgood part their ways...let's see what happens here. Tension. Grabbing of the jacket. "Your sons need you...these people need you..."  And they're official.

Mason has the jammer rigged in what looks like an El Camino and rolls over to Boston to try to bail Weaver out.

Looks like we've missed all of the excitement, combat and entertainment. They ran out of budget and couldn't afford explosions and blanks, only a few vague burnt wreckage shapes. Pope's made it through the action, he's not looking his best. Pope takes the jammer Camino, but gives Mason a mech metal RPG.

Mason finds Weaver taking a nap...looks like he might make it to Season 2 after all. Mason takes a pot shot with the RPG, in rather undramatic, anti-climatic fashion. Kind of "Well, we might as well!" Hits a ship, starts a chain reaction and blows up a big chunk of the Skitter base.

Karen's back -- standing in the road. She's harnessed still. And has a Skitter ship with her. Big boss alien is there. I see a twist coming.

Wait, what? Mason is going to go with the Skitters? Something about how they will call Ben back if he doesn't. So, naturally, he goes with harnessed Karen, big boss alien, hops in the ship and flies away??? That's what any rational person would do. Or maybe not.

Dumbest cliffhanger ending. Ever. Summer 2012? Don't really care.

May or may not tune into Season 2. This show is meh at best, and astoundingly dumb at other times. The finale was underwhelming, boring, and didn't deliver much in the way of action. The twist at the end was like a bad joke.

What did you guys think? Any fans left?