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Falling Skies: Silent Kill

"I'll stab you, fool!"
Going to blog this one as I watch...got the TiVo ready to blast through commercials. Let's get rolling...

  • Maggie (Margaret???) apparently knows the drug dealer's drop house is. Doesn't come across as a druggie, despite the general angst.
  • They take the time to hide their motorcycles in the bushes, but they're running lights, walking around openly, etc. in the school
  • If I were a drinking man, a shot for each time the character's talk about Ben would get interesting, fast.
  • Pops has a stupid plan and Sarge calls him out on it. Son #1  has the brilliant plan of sneaking in and killing the Skitters quietly. He must have played a lot of Ghost Recon to plan like that.
  • Dr. Moon Bloodgood is enjoying treating her Pet Skitter to some water. They still haven't placed real guards around it.

  • At least some of the survivors are complaining about keeping Pet Skitter around. Margaret making friends with unnamed pregnant "feeder." 
  • Lunch line is still moving along well--I guess they're eating scavenged supplies? Looks like good eating around there.
  • Skitter radio tugs at some of Sarge's heart strings. He doesn't like it, confiscates vinyl that Old Radio Guy brought in his bug out bag. What, you don't have a collection of Bug Out Records?
  • In addition to knowing all of the drug caches in the area, Maggie is also an expert at the crossbow. Of course.
  • Oh, and the writers obviously didn't watch Walking Dead -- they did the crossbow first, guys. Falling Skies could have gone for the bow, shuriken or atlatl for some originality.
  • Maggie's "ink" looks horribly fake. Did she raid a temporary tattoo machine?
  • "I used to hang out at the hospital" - of course you did. Writing, folks!
  • At least many of the survivors look mildly dirty and unwashed.
  • Doc Skeezy is flashlight blinding the alien. Guess waterboarding is out. Looked like a pen light of some kind, maybe a Streamlight?
  • Unguarded alien backfires again...and the guards are the last to the party, and too stupid to do anything about Pet Skitter's death grip on Doc Skeezy. He'll probably recover...
  • ...nope, Doc Skeezy is dead! Yay!!! One character I'm glad to see go. Kind of surprised they killed him off, and for no real reason or to move the plot forward. I guess that time they spent on developing tension/conflict between Doc Skeezy and Pops was a waste of our time, huh?
  • Dr. Moon Bloodgood won't let her Pet Skitter get put down. She's getting attached, people. Sarge gives her 24 hours to say goodbye, then the people with guns bail, leaving it unguarded and alone with the doctor...again. Learning fast, I see.
  • Unharnessed Kid is just chillin' on a bench. He's sensitive about his Skitter pals. Not very optimistic, either.
  • Religious Girl is throwing a baby shower, Maggie's busy with the war thing. Shut down!
  • No one is very sad about Dr. Skeezy's death. After the baby shower, they're having a party to celebrate getting rid of him.
  • Son #1 is going in...alone, impersonating a harnessed kid. Sarge says this is a basic tactic - hadn't heard that one before.
  • In the show's greatest moment yet, Dr. Moon Bloodgood gets up close and personal with the Skitter and stabs it in the brain stem, prison style. It wasn't hard for her, either. Emotional breakdown afterwards...a lil' awkward.
  • The alien walker thing apparently sings like a monk while on patrol. Random.
  • Son #1 is failing at not looking sneaky. 
  • Where are these kids walking? What are the Skitters doing in the hospital anyways? Visiting sick relatives?
  • Skitter is an affectionate master...he likes to cuddle. REASON FOR ALIEN INVASION: Snuggle time!
  • Pops has had enough of hiding behind cars...so he moves to hide behind another car. Maggie knows the back way, because she had to sneak in to visit her sick Aunt. Writing!!!
  • Son #1 is going to try the Dr. Moon Bloodgood stab in the sweet spot technique and has brought what looks like a Kershaw Leek to do the job. I like the Leek, but for brain-stabbing aliens, an ice pick would be a better choice.
  • Son #1 delivers a good shanking and the Ben we've been hearing so much about is free. Hope he was worth it.
  • Zombie kids are sad that their Skitter buddy is dead. No more sleepovers.
  • Dr. Moon Bloodgood is handy with a torch, but it looks like the newly freed Skitter Kids aren't reacting well to the death of their alien overlord. 
  • Hey, it looks like Maggie is sporting .45s in a double shoulder rig. She must be a John Rourke fan!
  • Maggie reveals a softer side -- she's a cancer survivor and a supporter of medical marijuana. Guess she was lying before -- writing strikes again, folks!
  • They've chosen Pope's old hideout for the baby shower; with a little bit of work, cleaning out the Skitter corpses and dead bikers, it's not so bad! Next week, they're having a Pampered Chef party.
  • And the family is reunited. Sarge is sad, locks himself in a room and listens to slow songs by himself. Camera cut before the swaying started.
  • Uh-oh, Pops and Dr. Moon Bloodgood are holding hands! Romance in their future? Didn't see that coming.
  • Ben wakes up and...stares into space? And the show ends. Confusing...not sure if he's still a zombie or just a lazy teenager.
Well...TiVo cut off the "Next Week" preview, so I'm not sure where they're going next. The writing on this show isn't getting better, that's for sure. I did enjoy the death of Dr. Skeezy and all of the brain stabbing in this episode, and the Skitter/Zombie Kid sleepover/cuddlefest was unintentionally hilarious, and the writing in general was delving into the "so bad it's good territory." I'm disappointed that it looks this is all we can expect from Falling Skies, but at least it's enjoyable in its mediocrity.