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Falling Skies: Sanctuary pt. 2

*****************SPOILERS BELOW*************

Quick post this time around. Thought this was an okay episode. Not especially bad and not outstanding. Missed the first 10 minutes, in which I guess Pope escaped. General thoughts:

  • Rick (formerly harnessed kid) misses his Skitter pals. We'll have a reunion in the near future, I'm sure.
  • Seems like every teenage/20-something girl is after Hal (aka Son #1). Farmer's daughter is into him now.
  • The gang starts to figure out the situation pretty quickly, which is good. About time they show some smarts.
  • The escape? Not sure why Clayton would have even given them the opportunity. Mike's last stand was underwhelming, though to be fair, I think he's just a normal guy with no training...hence he doesn't aim and only has a single mag for his AR.  His off-screen death wasn't particularly impactful. "Oh well, guess he's done for."
  • Piano while you're hiding? Really???
  • Not really sure why Pope would come to the rescue. Revenge, I guess, but taking on a half dozen guys with an M1A and one 20 round mag doesn't sound like the best of plans. He's back in the picture now...guess as a non-prisoner this time around. 
  • I think the show must be sponsored by EoTech; it seems to be the optic of choice amongst the survivors.
  • Hal's SBR Galil MAR is a pretty sweet little gun. Points to whoever picked that out.
  • Maggie + Hal holding hands. Somewhere, a harnessed and forgotten Karen is crying.