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SHTFPlan: North Korea may have "Super EMP" Weapon

According to SHTFPlan.com, sources believe that North Korea may have access to a powerful EMP Weapon. How powerful? Potentially One Second After powerful.

Luckily, I do not think North Korea has missiles with the necessary range to hit the U.S. (correct me if I'm off!), but they definitely could hit allies and trade partners in the region (South Korea, Japan, China). And the analyst behind these reports is a member of an EMP lobbyist group, so it would be in his interest to stir up concerns, so he may be looking for an EMP weapon when, in reality, the North Koreans were testing a fairly unsuccessful, primitive, low-yield nuke.

However, I'm never comfortable with crazies like the North Koreans holding WMDs, and unfortunately, WMDs will only become more prevalent as time wears on. We can't hope to invade every potential WMD country, Iraq-style, and, sooner or later, some nut job who isn't afraid of mutually assured destruction will set something off. It is, in my opinion, a matter of time.

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