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Nite Ize Gear Ties Review

Three inch Gear Ties keeping an iPhone cable under control.
Tired of tangled, nasty rat's nests of cords jammed at the bottom of your EDC bag? Wishing there was a better way? Well, Nite Ize has just released some handy little bendy-ties that may solve your woes - Gear Ties. These are not just any little ties. These super bendy ties - think bread ties on super soldier serum. They bend, twist and hold shape well. They have no-slip rubber ends which help grip whatever their holding on. They're durable enough to give confidence that they will stand up to regular use.

I have a set of black three inch Gear Ties, and they've exceeded my expectations so far. What has been surprising is the strength of these little ties. As a test, I twisted one around a strap on my EDC bag, slipped a piece of paracord through that, and then lifted the entire bag, supported by the Gear Tie. Surprisingly, the Gear Tie held firmly. Maybe 8 to 10 pounds there - definitely a lot more than I was expecting.

Bad picture of a three inch Gear Tie supporting
the weight of my EDC bag.
Gear Ties are perfect for their obvious use - securing your headphones, charging cables and similar. They excel at that, but they certainly aren't a single use item. They are very much a multi-functional piece of gear. The 3 inch ties are a bit limited - the 6 inch ties give you some more options. Attach them to your your key ring, as a marker/indicator, as an improvised iPhone stand, to tie a headphone or mic cable in place on a shirt,  to tie back long hair, as an improvised hanger for a shirt, to close up a bag, attach something to a belt loop or Molle panel; the list goes on and on. Longer ties would be great for securing large cord bundles, sleeping bags, air mattresses and the like.

Gear Ties also come in a slew of colors, including tactical colors like Coyote Brown, Desert Tan, and Foliage Green.

Gear Ties certainly aren't a critical item, and if you're cheap, they are other options (between paracord and bread ties, you can accomplish most of what Gear Ties can). However, they are very handy and do a great job of getting cords managed, as well as giving you options for creative/improvisational during everyday use. They are one of those things that I've been wanting for a while, and I'm glad Nite Ize filled that need. Definitely a big thumbs up for Gear Ties. Pick some up; you'll find a use for them!

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